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Follow-Me Partners with Negative Space in New Zealand

Follow-Me Partners with Negative Space in New Zealand
Follow-Me Partners with Negative Space in New Zealand

New Zealand – Introducing Jason Steel, the face behind Negative Space: the newly appointed Partner and Knowledge Centre for Follow-Me B.V. across New Zealand and Australia. Jason is busy packing up his equipment, from a video shoot, into his car whilst chatting on Slack to Follow-Me about his experience with Follow-Me and his excitement at being not only a Follow-Me user but the official Knowledge Centre for Follow-me in New Zealand and Australia. An opportunity that is enabling him to share his passion for and experience with, other like-minded industry people looking for and using the right followspot system.

Negative Space pride itself on being a production design house that specialises in control and lighting design, using the latest technical gear to push boundaries giving each show a uniquely fresh look. Jason first came across Follow-Me in the early days of the Dutch followspot company. As LD on TV show Dancing with the Stars, Jason had a problem and he needed a solution fast. The height and layout of the studio was restrictive for the positioning and use of traditional followspots so he went searching for options. With a few options on the market, Jason made his decision to invest in Follow-Me based on two key points: the prompt, friendly and helpful reply from the staff at Follow-Me coupled with the user friendly solution that is Follow-Me. Both have proven to be a reliable and good choice for him since this first experience.

Jason’s usage of Follow-Me has continued to evolve alongside the products’ development from 2D to 3D and using the manual system with automated tracking elements. Jason confirms that his choice to invest in a Follow-Me tracking solution four years ago was the right one. Despite the 12 hour time difference the FM team “offers such good support and interest in my projects such as the SIX60 tour and AMA Awards 2020. Working with the team and product makes my daily work even more enjoyable.”

When asked the topical question “Does a pandemic restrict your potential to work?” Jason smiled discussing the challenge of closed boarders, lockdowns, cancelled gigs and sighting how during the last two years, he has had to really pull on his technical knowledge and product portfolio to insure shows can go on and his company, performers and family are safe. The travel restrictions placed on Australia and New Zealand have cut the people off in many ways from the rest of the world. On this note his latest venture is one he is really enjoying working on!

As lighting designer for SYNTHONY since 2019 Jason doesn’t want to allow New Zealand's closed borders to disrupt his commitment to providing a dynamic lighting design and production for this show. SYNTHONY is currently presenting a live tour in Australia and Negative Space are once more providing the lighting design and control equipment for the tour. From his studio in Auckland, New Zealand, Jason and his team are designing and will be operating the live show 2624km away in Melbourne, Australia. Using a VPN link they developed, Negative Space enable Follow-Me 3D SIX, Disguise and the MA lighting desk allowing them to have complete control over the shows lighting and media; backing up the claim from SYNTHONY of a truly unique and immersive experience: “a celebration of the last 30 years of electronic dance music, backed by the full might of a large-scale full orchestra, directed by the precision of the conductor, spine-tingling vocalists and world-class DJs, accompanied by dynamic lighting and visual show.”

Reverting back to the topic of Follow-Me Partner and Knowledge Centre Jason is keen to establish that he has already been working to support and grow the Follow-Me network of users. From his dry hire department at Negative Space Follow-Me Systems are rented out complete with the customers show file preloaded on the rack server and a pdf explaining how to set the system up. This is proven to be a successful venture for new to FM technicians and volunteers in for example churches, to use Follow-Me and elevate their productions to a high quality professional level without needing further technical support.

For clients looking to invest in their own systems, Negative Space offers local or online demos and full trainings insuring that clients will feel as comfortable as he was when they chose to use Follow-Me 3D.

24th February 2022

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