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Showtec at Matthijs gaat door

Showtec at Matthijs gaat door
Showtec at Matthijs gaat door

The Netherlands – The company Chain knows better than anyone how to support television programmes in the field of lighting design and attract the attention of their viewers. This enables the artists to move, surprise and entertain as much as possible in the programme 'Matthijs gaat door' that is being broadcast every Saturday night on NPO1. Jeroen van Geffen (lighting design) and Benno van Merrienboer (lighting operator) know how to transform the studio and create a stylish stage experience full of, among others, beautiful visuals and Showtec light effects.

Every week a famous artist takes the stage accompanied by the Sven Hammond Big Band at the most successful Dutch talk show of the moment on Saturday night. Both national and international well-known artists get a stage here. Recently, performers such as Stromae, André van Duin, Ruben Hein and Froukje entered the stage. A production this big requires a professional approach in which there is no margin for error. This is why the show is produced by MediaLane, commissioned by broadcaster BNNVARA. They have asked Bourgonje, with Robin den Held at systemtech, supports in supplying the required technique.

The technique involves a stylish stage with a beautiful studio design full of vibrant visuals, colourful lighting and appropriate lighting effects. Various Showtec products are used for this. During the act of Stromae and the Bad Guy performance from Ruben Hein, 120 Showtec Octostrip MKII RGB units were a total eye catcher. They are placed in the scaffolding where the big band and guest artists are located. With eight available sections and a 'colour flow' effect, these strips fully meet the creative needs of today's lighting designer. During the show they are controlled in full segment mode (192 channels) by a high-end lighting console, driven over Art-Net.

Eighty-four Showtec Spectral M800 Q4 LED spots are placed in the scaffolding. They serve as uplights for beautiful colour mixing. The 14 x 5W RGBW LED Spots are equipped with four selectable dimming effects and virtual colour wheel that provide beautiful transitions between vibrant colours and bright white. They have a focused beam angle of 16°, providing beautiful beams of light in combination with a thin layer of smoke. They are ideal for the studio due to their silent operation without fan.

Especially for Froukje's act, eight Showgear Mirror Balls were used to create the right atmosphere. These strong mirror balls with a diameter of 40 and 50cm and 10x10mm glass mirrors give a typical 80s' look, but also prove to be very stylish and therefore appealing to contemporary pop music.

Showtec at Matthijs gaat doorShowtec at Matthijs gaat door

10th February 2022

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