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Award-Winning Guitarist uses Audient for International 'Alt-Life/BMG Production Music' Guitar Library Album

Award-Winning Guitarist uses Audient for International \'Alt-Life/BMG Production Music\' Guitar Library Album
Award-Winning Guitarist uses Audient for International \'Alt-Life/BMG Production Music\' Guitar Library Album

UK – London-based guitarist, Tony Calvo has composed, recorded and co-produced a new guitar library album for Alt-Life/BMG Production Music, called LATIN GUITAR UNDERWORLD to be released internationally for film and TV. Recorded in his private home studio based around an Audient iD22 audio interface and eight-channel ASP800 mic pre, this latest release is his first foray into composing for television. BMG Production Music is partnered with Netflix and other networks, which opens up many new opportunities for the album.

“Initially this album was just intended for Latin themed crime dramas, such as Narcos and other Cartel-type shows and films. However as the compositions developed, the album started to take on a broader personality, offering wider possibilities for usage and synch beyond a single genre,” explains the award-winning guitarist and composer. LATIN GUITAR UNDERWORLD was mixed and produced by Tony’s friend, musician/producer Toby Baker (B.B. King, Eric Clapton, Michael McDonald).

“I have used Audient for many years and love it,” says Tony, whose studio comprises a main control room and separate live room for recording, practising and teaching. When asked about his first generation iD22, he says: “I bought it soon after it came out. It is very well designed, sounds great and is very reliable. I am confident in having it at the heart of the studio. The preamps are great for nylon and acoustic guitars and I use them all the time. I also like having the send/return feature on each channel to be able to use external pres too. I use it in conjunction with the ASP800 – another central piece in my studio – and they work flawlessly together. It’s a perfect all-rounder for me!”

With the album focused mainly on nylon/flamenco guitars, plus a selection of other stringed instruments including mandolin, mandola, ukulele, banjolele and bouzouki, it is perfectly suited to the atmospheric, Latin American shows on Netflix. Tony is delighted to report that a new album is in production for release later this year, which he can’t say too much about. “Although the brief is similar, it will be fundamentally different and aimed at another genre of film and drama,” he says.

Tony has also been busy with many other projects since winning his LUKAS Award (the biggest Latin entertainment awards in the UK/EU) for best Act of The Year 2019 shortly before the global pandemic shut everything down. “I’m currently working on some records with major international artists, most recently with Wiz Khalifa, 2 Chainz, Slava Marlow (whose latest release clocked up 1 million views in the first week) alongside Underdog Music and King Wizard.

“I’m also co-producing music for some Candela Records artists. It is the first label that is a joint venture with Atlantic Records that champions Latino music coming out of London.” This is not all. As lead guitarist and composer for Spanish guitar duo, De Fuego he’s writing and recording the newest album with a view to release it in the not too distant future. “I will also be working on the compositions for my solo guitar album called Distance and filming three solo guitar videos,” he adds. This is all in addition to the Tony Calvo Guitar Academy that he runs from the studio.

With so much going on, Tony has to be able to organise his time efficiently, whilst maximising his creative potential. “Creativity is delicate, and to be prolific things have to be thought out and aligned very carefully. I do manage to achieve that at times and it’s a magical feeling when that flow happens,” he says.

15th March 2022

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