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CEG makes sustainable investment in Ayrton Diablo

CEG makes sustainable investment in Ayrton Diablo

UK – CEG is a UK-based leading, independent equipment rental provider to all sectors of the technical entertainment industry in music, theatre, film, TV and corporate settings. CEG concentrates solely on delivering a dependable, cost-effective and sustainable equipment rental service which keeps its customers coming back again and again.

In March CEG made the first of a number of investments in Ayrton with a consignment of Diablo LED profile fixtures, purchased from Ayrton’s exclusive UK distributor, Ambersphere Solutions.

“We chose Diablo because it is the trifecta of what you want a product to be: cost-effective, feature-full and very popular with our clients,” says CEG’s Ben Bowles. “Our core business is to supply industry providers, all of whom have been telling us that Diablo is the fixture they want and the key spot of its type for the foreseeable future, and we couldn’t agree more.”

Vitally, Bowles sees Diablo as cost-effective fixture with no compromise on features: “Our business is about giving our customers good value, and ultimately we wouldn’t buy a product that was compromised in terms of its feature set. Diablo is a good value product in that it’s priced attractively, yet gives 85 to 90 per cent of what you would get on a fixture that cost much more. From my perspective, they are up against fixtures that cost at least 50 per cent more, which not only allows us to provide a product that creates a sustainable return for our business, but provides the customer with a compelling creative solution.

“In making up a concert or theatre show, there are areas where you need sheer volume to create a look. If you can use 600 fixtures that cost 50 per cent less with very little loss of quality or impact, you are adding amazing value to the process. Add to that the requirement of a specific feature or two, and Ayrton is ticking all the boxes: achieving all a designer wants with very little, if any, compromise, and also being economically viable as a rental product.”

CEG’s business ethos focuses majorly on sustainability in both business and ecological terms, and aims to reach net zero carbon by 2030. “Sustainability in a business and environmental sense are two major drivers these days and Ayrton seems to tick those two boxes nicely for us: materials and processes, packaging, shipping; not sending boxes round the world with air in them, which is a huge carbon footprint. We are careful to make sure everybody is sustainable in the eco-supply chain from where a product is built to where it is being used, and that there is enough money to support everybody profitably.

“However, it’s difficult to get manufacturers to declare how much carbon they use to build a light, which is the answer I really want: building and buying new kit is probably the biggest carbon footprint. In other sectors, we have a good idea of how much carbon it takes to produce our mobile phones, laptops, our cars, etc, and the pressure is on now for our industry to follow suit. Designers are going to be held accountable for their carbon footprint, especially in film, television and corporate fields, and that will start to determine what they buy.

“Ayrton appears to be way ahead of their contemporaries in addressing this issue, taking active measures and stating their current position whilst working to further improve it.

“This works well for us. The closer a brand gets to its customers, the better it is for the customer, and Ayrton are doing it extremely well. In the UK there is a good connection with the Ambersphere team who have done a great job to cement Ayrton products in the market. They keep Ayrton competitively priced which makes a huge difference, especially while companies are recovering from the pandemic, and have a good ethos which goes way beyond that. Glyn, Rob and Briony worked hard to make sure we are well looked after and the team understand the different breed they are dealing with. This is the start of a good relationship.”

“This is very gratifying to hear,” says Ayrton CEO, Chris Ferrante. "We are spending a lot of time and effort on this part of the business and feel that it is enormously important. We have just concluded our first end-to-end carbon emission audit, which will allow us continue to improve our sustainability by using hard facts and implementing science based targets. We will be undertaking these audits annually and, in the very near future, will be in a position to provide our partners not only with data, but also with the positive steps we are taking to make a difference.”

In picture: Gavin Thorrold and Ben Bowles with one of their new Ayrton Diablo investments


29th March 2022

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