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FIX8Group launches ‘elev8’ in-lift immersive AV solution

FIX8Group launches ‘elev8’ in-lift immersive AV solution

UK – FIX8Group has launched a new in-lift AV experience, designed to deliver content to customers in a fully immersive, captivating and memorable manner.

Called ‘elev8’, it enables clients ranging from museums to malls, airports to attractions to reach lift users with uniquely displayed messages.

It is the latest project from FIX8Group, which is a market leader in specialist creative technical delivery of innovative live, hybrid and virtual experiences.

The elev8 project involves the installation of audio-visual display solutions within an elevator or lift, to which everything from simple static marketing video, 2D animation, landscapes, audio experiences and fully immersive 3D worlds can be delivered.

FIX8Group has already completed a major elev8 installation, at the St James Quarter, Edinburgh. This encompasses a new retail led, lifestyle district that fully integrates into and enhances Edinburgh’s City Centre providing an inspiring, attractive, and vibrant destination for locals and visitors to live, shop, eat, sleep and play.

FIX8Group collaborated closely with Nuveen, the investing organisation of the project, and Gardiner & Theobald LLP, which was appointed as an independent construction and property consultancy working across all sectors of the built environment.

Antony Ranger, Nuveen director of operations at St James Quarter says: “At the outset of this unique initiative, we were not at all clear about what we wanted, or what may be achieved. FIX8Group managed the whole destination-creating solution, from greatly assisting in defining the specification, to providing wonderful and extraordinary content and sound, all on-time and on-budget. This was despite working for the first time with very heavily regulated passenger lift installers and in the middle of the Covid Pandemic! Every hurdle and problem was overcome without fuss.

“I would not hesitate to recommend teaming up with FIX8Group to create and deliver an end-to-end, seamless solution for any challenging technological project.”

The solution for St James Quarter has been designed with complete flexibility, so that experiences can be tailored to fit client’s communication needs and content can be easily changed, updated or maintained centrally as often as required.

Maureen Laing, Partner at Gardiner & Theobald LLP comments: “The lift experience at the St James Quarter, Edinburgh, was a client concept from the outset. FIX8Group were key, along with the teams involved, in bringing this this concept to life and making it happen.

“FIX8Group’s team working with a collaborative and enthusiastic approach to the complexities and difficult challenges have resulted in more than I could have imagined at the outset, their comprehensive technical knowledge and understanding of the client’s needs have produced the awe-inspiring lifts that all visitors must experience and enjoy.”

FIX8Group says that unique solutions are key to engage an audience, no matter what the size, and that elev8 can provide a unique, immersive, multi-sensory experience within an elevator, creating an amazing first impression and a memorable journey.

Mark Porter, managing director at FIX8Group, says: “We found that clients were looking for new ways to create impactful experiences for their audiences. elev8 offers an opportunity to create a truly memorable ‘wow moment’ which becomes a talking point, whether it’s used to create a first impression, share a message, set a mood or inspire action.”

FIX8Group launches ‘elev8’ in-lift immersive AV solutionFIX8Group launches ‘elev8’ in-lift immersive AV solution

1st March 2022

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