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Mother Mother Take ‘Inside’ Out on the Road With Allen & Heath’s dLive

Mother Mother Take ‘Inside’ Out on the Road With Allen & Heath’s dLive

Canada – Written and recorded during lockdown, Inside, the eighth studio album from Canadian Alt-rockers Mother Mother, speaks to the isolation of the time yet shimmers with an infectious optimism. In support of the release of Inside, the band announced their much-anticipated return to the world stage with a tour taking in multiple continents over a 12-month span.

“Not only was this our first tour back in over two years since this pandemic shut us all down, it was also our first time taking the dLive system out,” explains tour manager and FOH engineer Andrew ‘Slipper’ Brown. “I am carrying my own CTi1500 Surface at FOH along with a CDM48 MixRack and a Waves V3 card for multitrack recording and virtual soundcheck. On monitors, Ronan McAllister is using a C1500 Surface and a DM64 MixRack provided by PRG Toronto. We are doing a ‘traditional’ gain share between FOH and Monitors by way of a gigaACE card in each MixRack. We chose to go this route for the added redundancy with dual gigaACE lines between stage and FOH.”

The C1500 and CTi1500 are the two smallest Surfaces in the dLive range. Since its launch, the 18kg C1500 has become a firm favourite in compact touring, particularly for fly dates, bus tours, support slots or any application where size and weight need to be carefully balanced against audio requirements. The CTi1500 takes this no-compromise compact concept even further with lightweight yet strong titanium side panels, re-engineered rear and base panels combined with new alloy metalwork throughout the internals resulting in a Surface that weighs just 11.5kg.

This choice of a compact dLive pairing was in no small way influenced by the vast, and sometimes sparse, geography of the band’s homeland according to Brown: “Artists in Canada face some additional challenges compared to our southern neighbours when it comes to carrying dedicated production packages. When touring we play fewer shows over much larger distances equating to higher transport and touring costs versus the number of shows performed over time. When I explored Allen & Heath’s product line, the dLive CTi1500 really struck me as a desk that would work well for me in the Canadian touring market.”

“Mother Mother is on a growth trajectory that has us working in a lot of different sized rooms, so keeping the audio footprint small was a major goal of ours from the get-go” Brown concludes. “To be able to have the power that the dLive platform offers packed into one or two cases weighing less than 50lbs, I was immediately sold.”

30th March 2022

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