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Showtec Media Panel CCT

Showtec Media Panel CCT
Showtec Media Panel CCT

A new generation of Studio LED Panels is unfolding. Showtec presents its third model in the Media Panel series. This new model, the Showtec Media Panel 100 CCT with high 96 CRI, allows accurate colour temperature tuning from warm white (3000K) to daylight white (5600K). This small–medium studio lighting fixture is ideal for content creators such as bloggers, streamers and webinar presenters.

Showtec is gradually extending its range of media panels. The two previous versions are the Media Panel 50 and Media Panel 100. These daylight white 50 and 100 Watt Studio LED Panels have proven to be a great asset to small–medium size studios. Its 5600 K light is the standard temperature colour for outdoor natural light and could be used to backlight your subject. The effect can start to look quite cinematic, but you need to adjust the camera's white balance correctly to make everything work.

The Showtec Media Panel 100 CCT is a similar panel but enables users to accurately choose any desired colour temperature between tungsten and daylight white. Tungsten light is the other side of the white spectrum. This type of lighting has a 3200K colour temperature and simulates average household light bulbs. The light has a warmer feeling and and more yellowish look. The option to tune between tungsten and daylight white is an important feature for most professional content creators since it helps to create the desired ambience on a film set.

All three Media Panel versions can be used for mobile applications thanks to the Showtec V-mount battery holder. This battery holder is optional and can hold up to two V-mount batteries. This enables all day long filming without having to connect the media panels to the grid.

23rd March 2022

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