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XMove – A new User Interface for Live Event Automation

XM Automation announces the release of XMove – a new user interface for programming the movement of automated systems. The software has been developed specifically for use in the live entertainment creative environment where speed, accuracy and flexibility are imperative.

Available via a per axis licensing model, the XMove interface offers a host of powerful, easy to programme features.

The software interface, which is simple to install and quick to learn, can be easily retro-fitted to existing infrastructure or configured to work with new hardware available from theatre-specialist suppliers or from non-theatrical industrial manufacturers such as Siemens, Control Techniques and Beckhoff.

Director Mark Ager explained: “The availability of XMove software on a license basis overcomes the high capital investment costs traditionally associated with the purchase or refurbishment of automated equipment. Created in Apple’s latest pro-SwiftUI, the user interface provides a powerful and robust platform.”

XM Automation has recognised that ease of programming is key to the operation of automation systems and this specialist software application has a powerful graphical interface providing an intuitive tool for simple and complex programming of moves. Multi-target moves, locked groups, multiple users, shows, and venues are supported and more specialist requirements are included such as ‘Rigging & Referencing’ for scenery which is key in repertory theatres.

Mark, who was instrumental in developing established interfaces such as the Acrobat and Nomad control desks which were ground-breaking in their day, went on to say: “We intend that this software removes barriers to entry and dramatically improves options for maintenance of legacy equipment, whilst simultaneously addressing the needs of programmers who can contribute so much to a production with the right tool enabling them to program with skill and creativity.”

23rd March 2022

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