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KLING & FREITAG presents innovative line source PIA M

Germany – With PIA M, KLING & FREITAG is presenting an innovative line source system with interesting new features at Prolight + Sound. PIA M is a passive three-way loudspeaker that can be operated with the system power amplifiers of the Hanover-based company's PLM, D and IPX series. The vertical opening angle of the tweeter array can be adjusted mechanically, with the angles becoming larger as you go down. This results in the classic J-shape of a line array system, which means that the level distribution on the listening area can be made much more homogeneous. The mid-range enclosure is designed cardioid. The woofer housing can be switched between cardioid and bass reflex mode in just a few seconds using a smart mechanism, so that the speaker system can be perfectly adapted to any conceivable application.

Thanks to its timeless, simple design and robust construction, PIA M is ideal both for installation projects in architecturally demanding environments and for mobile applications in acoustically challenging rooms. KLING & FREITAG PIA M will be available from Q3 2022.


22nd April 2022

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