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NEXT Audiocom introduces T Series

NEXT Audiocom introduces T Series

The T series two-way IP65 loudspeakers with built-in 100V transformer and 8Ω power tap are perfect for both distributed and near-field applications in environments such as retail stores, restaurants, bar terrace, churches or malls. The speakers are housed in a stylish weatherproof cabinet providing an excellent architectural integration, indoor and outdoor. The T Series range comprehends the T4, a 4” LF transducer and a 0.8” Dome Tweeter, the T6, a 6” LF driver with a 1” HF Driver, and finally the T8 composed by a 8” LF transducer with a 1” HF Driver.

The T series speakers are equipped with a four-position (IN+/IN- and LINK+/LINK-) Phoenix connector located on the back plate. The screw connector provides a faster and easier way to wire the system allowing the speaker to perfectly fit the wall shape while keeps the cables invisible. The T series speakers include a back cover that permits the speaker to be exposed to rain or highly humid environments. All the T Series (T4, T6 and T8) is available in black and white to match the décor of the installation.

All the speakers from T Series come with a U-bracket included on the packaging. All the U-brackets are made from steel with a hot-dip galvanisation, coating the steel with a layer of zinc, turning it resistant to corrosion. Other wall brackets (with pan and tilt) are available for T Series.


6th April 2022

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