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QubiQ smoke machines – Smoking Hot

QubiQ smoke machines – Smoking Hot

Showtec introduces a new series of smoke machines, named QubiQ. Three new foggers and a fazer are introduced in this series, the QubiQ S1000, QubiQ S1500, and QubiQ S2500 fog machines, and the QubiQ F1500 fazer, with more models in the pipeline. They are feature-rich, safe and reliable, with a practical and unique-looking design.

The QubiQ series of smoke machines are Showtec’s latest addition to its arsenal of effects hardware. All four of them are controlled manually, through DMX or via remote control, offering the usual control parameters like output level (0 – 100 %) and timer settings. What’s different from other smoke machines is that the heater temperature can be monitored in real-time on the display (in per cent of the normal operating temperature). This offers the unique possibility of adjusting the output to a level at which the vaporiser isn’t cooled down to a point where it would cause the machine to seize its operation to heat up again. This way a continuous operation can be ensured until the tank is drained.

The QubiQ series is equipped with a dual over-temperature protection and a fluid level detector that indicates an almost empty tank. This makes it a reliable and safe partner for stage productions as well as parties. The QubiQ S1000 is a 1000W fogger with a 1l tank, the S1500 uses a 1500W heating element and a 1.5l tank, while the S2500 offers 2500W of heating power and a 2.3l tank. The QubiQ F1500 is a 1500W fazer with a 2.3l tank capacity, offering a finer mist than the foggers.

A remote control with timer function is included but can also be purchased separately.

5th April 2022

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