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MDG theONE provides the canvas for Genesis The Last Domino? tour

MDG theONE provides the canvas for Genesis The Last Domino? tour
MDG theONE provides the canvas for Genesis The Last Domino? tour

UK & USA – For the current Genesis tour, The Last Domino?, Roland Greil, co-lighting designer with show designer Patrick Woodroffe of Woodroffe Bassett Designs, chose five MDG theONE dual haze and fog generators, citing the need for an excellent canvas of haze on which to paint their lighting design for this iconic band’s potentially last tour.

Throughout its history, Genesis has built a reputation for pushing boundaries with its show designs. The visual impact is a crucial, signature part of the band’s shows and a feature that Greil and Woodroffe were keen to maintain. Their show and lighting design incorporated homages to the band’s history, reflecting looks from past tours, whilst simultaneously bringing the visuals into the 21st century to create an unforgettable experience for the audiences.

“It’s very important to have even haze for a show because we rely on it so much to show the beams and the lighting,” says Greil. “theONE has been one of my favourite haze/fog products for years. We’ve used it for Adele, Phil Collins, Rammstein, etc. It is especially good for its haze. There is not really a comparable product out there at all that can create an even haze – or even a real haze – that’s not just a version of smoke or fog.

“theONE is also good from a touring perspective because the combination of having both a fog machine and a haze machine in one means you can basically leave one product at home as you can get two effects from one unit.”

Another very interesting fact post-COVID: “The treatment of atmospherics is especially interesting in our day and age since the arrival of COVID-19 because arenas worldwide have changed their protocols in relation to air extraction and circulation in the buildings, which brings with it its own extra challenges,” explains Greil.

“For example, with Phil Collins, we toured three MDG theONEs for our haze set up. We went to all the normal arenas and with those three machines running at a low level, we were able to create a good and even haze in every arena worldwide.

“Now on the Genesis tour, we have five theONEs: two upstage, two downstage each side and one front of house to create an even haze around the venue, and we have to drive them hard, running five machines nearly at full for the whole show just to maintain that even haze. This is because venues now switch the air extraction to double the normal rate to get rid of the potential virus and germs. It’s healthier of course, but it also sucks out everything you pump into those arenas. With any smaller, lesser machines it would be hard to maintain a decent level of haze.”

Genesis The Last Domino? tour resumed in September 2021 in the UK before travelling to the US mid-West and East Coast. The four-times rescheduled London dates finally took place on 24-26 March at The O2.

photos: Manfred H. Vogel

MDG theONE provides the canvas for Genesis The Last Domino? tourMDG theONE provides the canvas for Genesis The Last Domino? tour

24th May 2022

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