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Alcons Gets the Message Across For De Missionaire Parochie

Alcons Gets the Message Across For De Missionaire Parochie
Alcons Gets the Message Across For De Missionaire Parochie

The Netherlands – Recently, the Netherlands’ Diocese of Breda hosted the annual conference of De Missionaire Parochie – Als God renoveert (Missionary Parish – If God Renovates), a two-day event featuring evangelical speeches and praise music. The audio system had to reproduce the sound at high quality, while overcoming the acoustic difficulties of the venue. An Alcons Audio pro-ribbon system met the challenge.

Supported by various Catholic organisations, De Missionaire Parochie is a national initiative by the Diocese of Breda, all about meeting, inspiring and building a parish. Attracting around a thousand visitors, with a live broadcast to many more, the annual conference was held at Breepark Breda, a retail, sport and entertainment complex on the edge of the southern Dutch city.

This year Canadian priest James Mallon (author of the book Divine Renovation) was the main speaker, along with lectures, church services and music. Catholic parishes in the Netherlands and Flanders are not known for contemporary worship styles, but pop/rock music was chosen to properly represent the word ‘missionary’ to appeal to people from a modern audience coming to the region’s churches for the first time.

Audio rental company Pa-P.A., located in Lievegem, Belgium, was responsible for the event’s sound reinforcement.

“We often work for Christian organisations and have a lot of experience with both live events and installed church sound systems,” says the company’s Luc De Paepe “The challenge for us was to provide excellent sound reproduction of both speech and music, because it was vital for the audience to hear everything perfectly.”

With a venue that was wider (35m/114ft) than deep (25m/82ft), Luc and his team needed a sound reinforcement system which enabled wide dispersion, as well as making sure that the sound could be very precisely controlled, to avoid unnecessary reflections from the side and back walls.

He specified an Alcons pro-ribbon system of 12 double LR14/120 6.5” ultra-compact line-array modules, four BF181 18” compact subwoofers and six VR8 8” compact versatile monitors, powered and controlled by three ALC4, ALC2 and Sentinel3 amplified loudspeaker controllers.

“We use Alcons pro-ribbon arrays because of their excellent intelligibility, no matter how large or small the crowd. The volume does not have to be high for the audio system to sound good, which is a big advantage in an acoustically difficult space like a modern hall,” says Luc.

“The shape and size of the venue for De Missionaire Parochie was perfect for the LR14/120. With VR8s as side and front fills, we achieved excellent coverage. Using Alcons meant everybody could hear the speech and music in perfect detail, without distortion. This resulted in many compliments from both the audience and the organisers.”

8th July 2022

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