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Bandit Lites Invests Big in Khamsins

USA – In late 2021 Bandit Lites made a purchase of several hundred Ayrton Khamsin S fixtures with no real work planned from them; however, the Ayrton name, the high quality of service from the team at ACT and a great relationship with Ben Saltzman made this a low-risk opportunity. As it played out, every Khamsin, as they arrived, went straight on the road.

In early 2022 Bandit again made the decision to buy another large quantity of Khamsin S units, with no real work booked for them and again, as in 2021, they all had a home by the time they arrived.

In 2022 the new lights went out on Shinedown (designers Mitchell Schellenger and Carter Fulghum), Zac Brown Band (designer Chris Cockrill), and with Maren Morris (Silent House designer Alex Reardon), as well as a few other shows. This was the first experience with Khamsins for these designers and all were very happy; the Khamsins were a home run from day one.

“The power and versatility of the Ayrton Khamsin makes it a perfect fixture for our inventory,” stated Bandit vice president of business and innovation, Jake Tickle. “Every designer loves the feature set, output, and optics. These units have been rock solid on the road as well. This fixture has become a go-to for our clients.”

With Bandit now waiting on more Khamsins, Bandit chair Michael T. Strickland shared: “We simply cannot have enough Khamsins. Bandit is extraordinarily happy with the fixtures, the features, and the service. Ayrton and ACT has hit another home run. Thank you!”

The second half of 2022 promises to be an even bigger success for Bandit and their clients than was the first half. Partnerships like the one with Ayrton and ACT have proved to be beneficial to both parties, as well as the artists and designers. Bandit continues to allow their clients to Experience Excellence and will do so on an ongoing basis.

27th July 2022

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