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LIT Lighting raises bar with investment in ‘rider-friendly’ Proteus Maximus

LIT Lighting raises bar with investment in ‘rider-friendly’ Proteus Maximus
LIT Lighting raises bar with investment in ‘rider-friendly’ Proteus Maximus

USA – LIT Lighting has added Elation Professional’s proven IP65 powerhouse LED luminaire, Proteus Maximus, to inventory, an investment that allows the Tempe, Arizona-based production and rental house to effectively fill more riders and service larger shows and events.

“We’re excited to have added a rider-friendly and large-show-friendly fixture like the Proteus Maximus to our inventory,” stated Chris LIT Brodman, founder and director of operations at LIT Lighting. “It’s exciting for us to have grown to this level, from a little company to now having the ability to service big shows. That achievement feels really amazing.”

Brodman, 39, started in the entertainment technology industry when just a teen, supplying lighting, special effects, props and scenic decoration to the underground electronic music scene in and around Phoenix. After meeting and working for his mentor, John Garberson of production company Creative Backstage, Brodman eventually opened his own company, LIT Lighting in 2003. Since then, he has lit Grammy-winning artists and even US presidents while accumulating years of experience lighting tours and special events.

Brodman says the decision to invest in the Maximus was about flexibility and weather-proofing. “Given the nature of our diversity of productions we needed a very feature rich and multi-functional workhorse – a flagship light so to speak – but we also live in a very harsh climate so having a unit that can face anything from rain to dust to hail to extreme temperatures is super important.”

LIT handles everything from sporting events to outdoor festivals to the Arizona State Fair, a client they’ve been lighting the arena and other outdoor stages for the last three years. “We needed something that could meet the spec for an arena show, a full concert lighting rig, and the Maximus fits that perfectly,” Brodman says, adding that one of the creative ideas they’ve proposed to the Fair is to cover the exterior of the arena with texture and gobos, something the 50,000-lumen Maximus allows them to do.

The Maximus is what Brodman calls LIT’s “first big class fixture and a real step up,” something that will also help with outdoor festivals like big EDM raves. Lit added 24 Maximus fixtures to inventory in May, as did one of Brodman’s close associates and vendors, providing 48 units total to access for use in the Phoenix area. The units have already been used on June Jam in Flagstaff, Full Moon Festival in Tempe, and other projects, including the Phoenix College 2022 graduation where they framed the stage from across the length of a football field.

The Proteus Maximus adds to other Elation and Obsidian control gear in LIT Lighting’s inventory. “In the last five years I’ve been really impressed with the direction Elation has taken,” Brodman says while mentioning the Proteus and Artiste lines specifically. “They are unique products that hold up over a long life for years of nice ROI. It’s that kind of return and uniqueness, coming to the market with something not everyone else has, that I really respect.

Also, I can call my rep (Kraig Knight) at any time and get service. The customer service on the back end from Elation is second to none.”

With personal attention a key element of the LIT ethos, Brodman took that influential mentor relationship he had with John Garberson and carried it further to other young men and women, many who have been working for him for years. Today, LIT Lighting comprises 12 employees with a consistent contractor pool of 15-20. “They are the true heroes who keep the gear running good and the client’s happy,” the LIT Lighting owner concludes. “Without them I’m just a guy with a warehouse full of gear.”

LIT Lighting raises bar with investment in ‘rider-friendly’ Proteus MaximusLIT Lighting raises bar with investment in ‘rider-friendly’ Proteus Maximus

15th July 2022

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