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ChamSys Connects at PLASA

ChamSys Connects at PLASA
ChamSys Connects at PLASA

UK – Trade shows are widely regarded as a forum for making and nurturing connections. The ChamSys team will be taking this to heart quite literally at PLASA on stand C-16 staring 4 September, as it expands its popular “Connect” family of products with the world preview of the MagicQ Compact Connect and MagicQ Compact Mini Connect.

The new MagicQ Compact Connect products are PC / MAC / Linux based programming interfaces that offer programmers, operators and LDs a convenient “control-on-the-go” solution. Simply by connecting to a PC or Mac via a USB-C Connector, the user can run up to 64-universe shows on the MagicQ Compact Connect or MagicQ Compact Mini Connect, either of which fits easily within airline carry-on limits.

Sleek and lightweight, the new products feature the same contemporary styling as the MagicQ MQ70 and MQ50 Compact consoles. Both allow access to the powerful MagicQ software package. The MagicQ Compact Connect also features ten playback faders, eight attribute encoders and cue stack control buttons, as well as network and ten scene ports.

In addition to the new Compact Connect products, ChamSys will be showcasing the popular, MagicQ MQ500M Stadium console, which is capable of supporting 256 universes without the need for external processors, as well as the workhorse MagicQ MQ70 Compact Console.

ChamSys consoles won’t be the only ones connecting to visitors at PLASA. The company will also be conducting a series of hands-on training courses on a variety of topics throughout the show at Henley Suite.

Rebbecca Cadd, ChamSys product specialist will be holding sessions on “Introduction to MagicQ,” “Timecode and Audio Timeline,” and “Group Based Programming.” Dan Coombs, the company’s support and service supervisor, will also be presenting an “Introduction to Magic Q” and “Group Based Programming” sessions. Ash Henbrey, ChamSys’ software support and integration supervisor, will conduct a “Group Base Programming” session.

At the end of each day, the ChamSys presenters will be joined by James Harrison, the company’s product and support manager, in a Q&A session. These daily sessions will provide PLASA visitors with an ideal opportunity to connect with the products and information they need to take their shows to the next level.

Anyone interested in learning more about these learning sessions can visit the PLASA Training Link:

31st August 2022

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