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Robe at PLASA 2022

Robe at PLASA 2022
Robe at PLASA 2022

UK – Robe anticipates a busy and vibrant PLASA 2022 with the industry, shows and events back and working at full speed.

It will be the official launch of Robe’s potent and impressive iFORTE moving light, an IP65 version of FORTE, the brand’s current highest-powered TE (Transferable Engine) LED luminaire.

Robe’s expanding i-series of weatherised products includes the iSpiider LED wash beam and iBeam 250 which will join the iFORTE on Stand C20. These fixtures will be integrated into a Robe signature live performance with a specially created light show presented in a purpose-built area together with lots of water!

Other current products will be the new PAINTE and TetraX, a 360-degree continuous rotation LED bar, plus Robe’s popular LEDBeam 350 and the ABTT Award-winning T11 series, a three-into-one generic lighting solution for theatres and venues.

Dedicated demonstration areas will facilitate in-depth product examinations.

Robe’s most powerful iSeries continues to expand with the IP65-rated iFORTE which combines a massive output and multiple effects in a package ready for all outdoor challenges.

Just 1.5kg heavier than the standard FORTE, iFORTE offers all the quality, features, and identical performance of the original luminaire, enabling seamless integration of the two types if desired.

The ingenious ingress protection system allows standard maintenance and preparation procedures – like Transferable Engine exchange and gobo replacement – to be conducted on site and without any additional tools.

The onboard RAINS (Robe Automatic Ingress Neutralisation System) manages humidity, temperature and pressure control, using active monitoring to automatically remove any moisture detected within the fixture, while ongoing monitoring ensures peak performance.

PAINTE is a compact moving light that delivers a quiet, quality profile solution for short to medium throw scenarios in theatrical, television, installation, live or corporate settings. The 14,900-lumen fixture output has a sparkling, clear white light, with boundless colours via the advanced CMY colour mixing system.

iBeam 250 offers everyone’s favourite wash-beam attributes – speed, colour and zoom range, etc – in a package to handle all the challenges of outdoor use and work.

Ideal for festivals, concerts, theatre, and any outdoor events or unpredictable weather scenarios, the iBeam 250 also has all the best features of its massively popular indoor relative, the LEDBeam 150. Ingenious ingress protection is specifically designed and developed to ensure the fixture is completely sealed and IP65 compliant.

TetraX has been developed after the huge success of the Tetra1and Tetra2 products. Added to the TetraX is a dynamic pan movement with extremely high-speed continuous rotation, dramatically increasing the sweep-effect possibilities of the fixture. Each of the nine evenly spaced pixels generates an ultra-tight 4° beam and these combine to produce a bright, defined “sheet” of light. The homogenised beams and smooth 11:1 motorised zoom provide ultra-smooth washes out to 45°.

The punchy LEDBeam 350 delivers a lot of presence and helps create even faster sweeping beam effects and fantastic washes. It features a spectacular 3.8° to 60° zoom range and Robe’s innovative coating technology keeps the lenses clearer and scratch-free.

Further advanced technologies include the Cpulse pulse width modulation control system for removing on-screen camera flicker, making LEDBeam 350s perfect for working with the most advanced UHD camera systems.

The T11 Profile, Fresnel and PC fixtures all feature Robe’s MSL-TE 350W LED Transferable Engine, a multispectral light source generating 16,700 lumens with exceptional output, ensuring colour consistency, control, and responses across an entire Robe T-Series rig.

In one luminaire, the T11 will completely revolutionise the way generic fixtures are used providing all the features, flexibility and performance requested by top lighting designers globally.

With fast-change lenses, an incredible 5 to 50-degree SuperZoom and Robe’s unique TE concept, the T11 saves time and money allowing inventories to be rationalised and fixture usage maximised. T11 is set to become an ‘infrastructural backbone’ of the lighting world.

T11 Profile MFS (manual followspot) will be launched at the show.

This completes the current T11 range, offering a practical, flexible, fully functional and compact followspot solution. Sideways mounting handles are ergonomically designed to allow access to the control buttons on the rear-mounted display panel. Dimmer control is via a dedicated fader mounted on the handles, leaving the operator free to focus on positioning and following the object.

Robe will be hosting RoboSpot ‘Taster Sessions’ illustrating the advantages of its flexible remote follow spot system in Theatre 1 on the exhibition show floor throughout the event.

Architectural lighting brand Anolis will have its own space on Stand E15 adjacent to Robe’s front entrance, with selected products also active in the Robe demo area. This area of the stand is dedicated to highlighting Anolis’ new CalummaTM range – showcased for the first time at a UK expo – alongside their Ambiane and Eminere product ranges. The stand will also be shared with MDG fog generators.

Robe at PLASA 2022Robe at PLASA 2022

31st August 2022

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