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New DAP WMS series easy-install loudspeakers

New DAP WMS series easy-install loudspeakers
New DAP WMS series easy-install loudspeakers

DAP introduces its newest range of loudspeakers with a stylish design for permanent install: WMS. These wall mount speakers are easy to install with the use of the included wall mounting plate. With the integrated ball joint the speakers are aimed and oriented effortlessly. They come in a variety of configurations: 16 ohm or 100V, black or white, 4-inch woofer or 6.5-inch woofer, totalling eight models to choose from.

The new and stylish DAP WMS series of loudspeakers are designed in Europe and intended for permanent installation. They are excellent for use in public places, shops, restaurants and even clubs. Using the included wall mount, the speakers can be installed in no time. Simply install the wall mount and connect the wires to the screw terminals in the wall mount. Then, just place the speaker on the wall mount, a one-hand operation, and it is connected! Thanks to the integrated ball joint, each speaker of the WMS series can be panned and tilted freely over 30° in any direction, and it can be rotated over 90°, making changing over from horizontal to vertical orientation as easy as pie.

The 16-ohm versions (WMS4 and WMS6) come in black and white with the choice between 4-inch and 6-inch models. The 100 V versions (WMS4T and WMS6T) also come in black and white and, again, there are 4-inch and 6.5-inch models available. The 100 V speakers also feature a four-position power tap that allows for adjusting their volume to the desired level.

The connectors are rated IP54 and the housing is made from ABS, so it is strong, stiff, and impact-resistant. The speakers are protected with a special coating against moisture. The WMS series has excellent high and low temperature performance and great electrical insulation properties. The speaker grill is made from powder-coated aluminium and doesn’t rust.

The WMS series offers multiple options for a stylish yet rugged and IP54-rated loudspeaker solution with quick and easy instalment, excellent for shopping centres and other public places.

New DAP WMS series easy-install loudspeakersNew DAP WMS series easy-install loudspeakers

12th January 2023

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