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Yamaha Announces EASE Address Support for Ceiling Speakers

Yamaha Announces EASE Address Support for Ceiling Speakers

Yamaha has announced that its VXC and VC series ceiling speakers are now compatible with the EASE Address software calculating tool, making the simulation of ceiling speaker placement and sound pressure levels quicker and more flexible for system designers.

VXC and VC series ceiling speakers are ideal for corporate, education and commercial spaces. Already supported by Yamaha’s Commercial Installation Solutions Speaker Calculator (CISSCA) and NEXO's NS-1 system configuration software, the new compatibility with AFMG Technologies’ EASE Address significantly expands the range of calculators available to engineers.

EASE Address is very simple to use. After drawing a top view of the facility, the user chooses the speaker models and the placement is automatically calculated, taking into account sound pressure levels. Manual operation of the software is also possible, allowing the user to delete speakers from the system draft or move them, for example to take restricted installation locations into account.

Furthermore, the results and speaker placement information can be exported to the EASE, which can be used to significantly reduce the time spent working with it.

“Yamaha’s CISSCA quickly simulates the required number and placement of a wide range of speakers by simply answering a selection of questions, while NEXO’s highly acclaimed NS-1 helps users to achieve uniform sound pressure distribution in any venue, including large facilities, through its intuitive operation. Support for EASE Address will further expand the user's options, enabling them to select a calculator that is precisely suited to their purpose and application,” says Thomas Hemery, Yamaha general manager of Yamaha’s PA marketing and sales department.

“As a company we are always listening to our customers and will continue to provide support for the most flexible, intuitive and precise system design applications.”

13th January 2023

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