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KLOTZ FiberLink now available with various APC connectors

KLOTZ FiberLink now available with various APC connectors

The KLOTZ FiberLink series with the highly flexible and robust FiberFlex Ultra cable in single-mode is now available not only with the standard FC, SC or ST connectors with PC/UPC polish but also with E2000-APC, FC-APC, LC-APC and SC-APC connectors in high-quality APC polish.

APC is short for Angled Physical Contact, on these connectors the ferrule surface is polished with an angle of 8 degrees. As a result, the connector offers significantly better return loss than PC/UPC polished connectors. Please note that a connector with APC polish must not be connected to connectors with PC/UPC polish, this will inevitably lead to very high insertion losses and in the worst case damage to the connector.

To avoid faulty connections, at KLOTZ all APC connectors are available in the typical green colour. PC/UPC connectors are usually blue, which ensures easy differentiation for the user.

APC connectors, with their significantly improved optical performance, are usually used for high-quality and critical connections. Especially when increased return loss can be crucial, such as in WDM or CWDM systems where up to 16 wavelengths are transmitted over one fibre.

The E2000 connector is very compact and features an automatically closing protective cap. This shields the connector from contamination and also prevents the human eye from being exposed to the laser.

The quality FC connector is characterised by its ceramic ferrules as well as its alignment accuracy and is preferably used for precise and securely lockable connections.

The green LC and SC-APC connectors are comparable in handling and size to the conventional blue PC/UPC connectors.

31st March 2023

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