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DiGiCo Quantums unleash vibrant beats of Hong Kong Cantopop music at Sheng Sheng Bu Xi TV show

DiGiCo Quantums unleash vibrant beats of Hong Kong Cantopop music at Sheng Sheng Bu Xi TV show

China - Jointly organised by China and Hong Kong, the spectacular music competition, Sheng Sheng Bu Xi (Endless Melody), also known as ‘Infinity and Beyond’, presents a remarkable line-up of music artists performing Hong Kong and Cantonese music. The show is co-produced by Mango TV, the online video platform of Hunan TV station and TVB, and is divided into three seasons: Sheng Sheng Bu Xi: Hong Kong Music Collection, Sheng Sheng Bu Xi: Taiwan Music Collection and Sheng Sheng Bu Xi: Carnival. DiGiCo Quantum were deployed consoles for each season, with a Quantum 5 at font of house and a Quantum 7 for monitoring.

The first season focused on various eras of the rich history of Hong Kong pop music. It showcased the grandeur of the 20th-century Hong Kong music scene through adaptation and co-performance, providing a platform for collaboration between Mainland China and Hong Kong musicians. The second season transported audiences through the songs of Taiwan's golden era, promoting cross-strait musical and cultural exchanges while evoking nostalgic memories of Taiwanese music. The grand theme of ‘Chinese Music’ was explored in third season, requiring selected songs to meet specific criteria, such as representing the highest musical standards of their era, having widespread influence, and withstanding the test of time.

The Quantum 5 was chosen for front of house because of its multi-channel capabilities and high input count. He Biao, sound engineer for the show, notes that the console' was the perfect choice to meet the demands of the large-scale production.

“The Quantum 5 was fundamental in integrating all the elements of the diverse on-stage ensemble, which comprised a 24-piece orchestra, an electroacoustic band, a percussion group and individual performers,” he says. “Three SD Racks were included on the optical loop,” he adds. “As the show is recorded, six sets of MADI were used for main and standby recording, a key factor contributing to the choice of the Quantum 5.”

The show had a high number of IEM inputs and personal monitor mixer outputs and required almost 60 aux channels. The console also streamlined the show’s workflow and simplified setup for visiting engineers, as layers could be dedicated to individual artists.

“DiGiCo has an excellent reputation in show production in China with its quality, reliability and versatility satisfying the needs of different artists and bands, making it a highly favoured choice among sound engineers,” Biao concludes. “Thanks to DiGiCo Quantum consoles we were able to deliver an exceptional audio experience for all three seasons of the show. We particularly appreciated the unmatched reliability and security the consoles provided.”

30th May 2024

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