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fac365 purchase two DiGiCo Quantum 338 consoles to fuel client led expansion into live touring market

fac365 purchase two DiGiCo Quantum 338 consoles to fuel client led expansion into live touring market

UK – fac365 is an audio hire company based in Greater Manchester with an open-door policy for local engineers. Providing outstanding and bespoke solutions is at the centre of the company’s ethos and when the opportunity came along to branch out into the live touring market the whole team knew the fully loaded DiGiCo Quantum 338 with Pulse software was the console to let them shine. So much so, they bought two, along with two fully loaded SD Racks to ensure their success in this new market.

fac365 has been operating successfully since it was established in 2009 by managing director Mike Hayes. Expansion is now very much on their minds. The purchase of two DiGiCo Quantum 338 consoles has been powered not only by client demand, but at the request of their engineers. Since the early days of the company Mike has encouraged open, collaborative thinking and collective decision making. This atmosphere of inclusion also extends to visiting engineers, whether they are booked in to prep systems or just pop in for a cuppa. The door to the warehouse is always open and people can often be found trying out new gear. The Quantum 338s are no exception as they are already being enjoyed in the warehouse.

When the promise of a new tour came along for 2024, the rider included an SD12 and sensing an opportunity for growth, the team began to discuss purchasing the new Quantum 338 as Operations Manager Richard Newall explains.

“fac365 has always owned DiGiCo consoles and we cannot wait to get the new Q338 out on the road,” he says. “Our existing stock is always a popular choice for live music and events, the smaller format SD11 and S21 are favoured for simple TV jobs. Once the tour was confirmed we saw the opportunity to invest in new equipment and DiGiCo is what everyone wants. Our in-house engineers are all comfortable with the operating system, the infrastructure feels so familiar that the choice to purchase the Quantum 338s felt like a natural, organic progression for us as a company.”

It is a decision that is already paying dividends as the Q338s are in high demand for dry hires as Nathan Wressell, fac365 Commercial Director, explains.

“fac365 is well established in Broadcast, having secured an impressive and ever-increasing list of clients in the TV, sports and events world. Bringing in people with the technical knowledge and industry experience has now enabled us to diversify into the live touring sector. Choosing DiGiCo is a no brainer, we know it’s only going to get busier and are already set to acquire more consoles to expand our inventory.”

The new equipment is also acting as a catalyst for changes and upgrades within the warehouse. This has always been a big open space, but now they are adding cosy prep rooms so that both in house and visiting engineers can train and prep systems in complete comfort. It is an extension of their ethos of constant improvement and delivering the best.

“Our existing relationships are important to us. We move forward by expanding organically, being led by our clients’ needs and feedback,” Wressell concludes. “We have such a great team here at fac365 and we are excited to continue our journey with DiGiCo and cement our position in the live touring sector.”

28th May 2024

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