A.C. Lighting North 2005 Another Resounding Success
This year’s A.C. Lighting North Tradeshow (Leeds, 26th and 27th April) was another huge success, with a record number of visitors attending the event and many exhibitors already looking to reserve their stand for next year.

Visitors were impressed by the range of entertainment technology brands exhibiting at the show and the opportunity to be amongst the first in the UK to see previews of new products yet to launch. With the largest number of new products and brands yet at this year’s event, it’s an indication that the tradeshow is increasingly regarded as the essential calender event to reach buyers in the North of England.

Visitors also valued the opportunity to attend free seminars by leading industry figures which resulted in a considerably increased number of enquiries and registrations before the show. Seminars included leading LDs Durham Marenghi, Rob Halliday and Peter Barnes discussing their work on high-profile entertainment projects, Yamaha’s Karl Christmas comparing digital and analogue audio applications, and PLASA’s Ron Bonner discussing the impact of new EU Harmonisation regulations.

As the largest industry show in the North of England, the event again proved a key setting for industry associations and publications to hold a dialogue with their Northern members and readers – exhibitors included ALD, ABTT, PSA, PLASA/L&SI, etnow, The Stage and Mondiale.

Many exhibitors praised the event’s good organisation and size, which they feel is large enough to provide a comprehensive range of entertainment technology brands, but still small enough to hold a more personal dialogue with customers.

Typical of the many exhibitor comments received was that of Peter James, sales manager - commercial, for Shure UK. “Having attended many shows and dealer related events over the years, I felt I must congratulate you for an exceptionally well organised and executed event,” he said. “Both John Perry and myself were immensely impressed by the attention to detail and consideration given to both your exhibitors and visitors. We look forward to working more closely with A.C. Lighting in the future and to next year’s show.”

A.C. Lighting’s Northern sales manager, Jonathan Walters, commented: “We were delighted to receive a great deal of positive feedback from visitors and exhibitors regarding this year’s show. We aim to give all attendees even better value each year and provide something truly unique which they wouldn’t get at any other show. This year’s guest speaker seminars were the big talking point for many visitors, who tell us they really added value to the main product exhibition and made attending the show a must. A big thank you to our sponsors and everyone who attended the show.”

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