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ABTT Theatre Show 2009

Royal Horticultural Halls, London 10th-11th June.

Bryan Raven of White Light with ETC’s Fred Foster.

Sophie Pierronnet and Anne Valentino of ETC.

Peter Coles of Lightfactor Sales with the LDR NOTA 1200 moving Fresnel and colour changer above.

Claire Taylforth and Fiona Blackett of J&C Joel.

Award judges Chris Harding-Roberts of the Royal Opera House and Chris Higgs of Total Solutions Group.

A wide range of products was shown by AC Entertainment Technologies.

Paul Ayling and Alan Good of Andolite.

Peter Sinkner (left) and Joseph Jeremy (right) of Niscon with Paul Jordan and Tony Dickson of Hoist UK.

Siobhan Hitchen and Andrea Smith of Rope Assemblies (seated) with Louise Dickson of Hoist UK.

Amber Tomlin (Strand) and Mike Goldberg (Selecon) on the Philips Entertainment Lighting stand.

Rebecca Conway of Harlequin.

Pete Floyd of LSC Lighting Systems.

The stand of White Light.

Bruno Lavolee and Aurélien Paillet of Naotek of France.

Chris Higgs of Total Solutions with Jacqui Smith of Rope and Rigging.

Pete Marshall of PRG with LD Mike Robertson.

Neill Woodger and David Taylor of Arup.

The stand of Bristol Paint (UK) Ltd.

Iain Forbester and Laetitia Désir of Serapid.

Callum Howie, Simon Barrett, Philip Norfolk and Michael Althaus of MA Lighting.

Ian Brown of Studio Due with LD Roger Williams.

The stand of Aluminium Access Products.

George Ellerington of Arup with Ian Napier of Centre Stage Engineering.

Snowy Johnson and Simon Cox of Pulsar with James Slatford of Henley Theatre Services (centre).

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