ABTT/ETC Christmas Function

Richard Brett of Theatreplan with Iain Forbester of Serapid.

Host and ABTT chairman Mark White of event sponsor ETC (right) with ALD chairman Rick Fisher.

Rick Fisher with Simon Allan of Martin Professional (left) and Adrian Offord of CT London (right).

Consultant Peter Roberts with Howard Bird of The Stage.

Technical theatre talk: Alan Russell, John Whitaker and Matthew Smethurst-Evans.

ABTT Theatre Show director Roger Fox with Sophie Pierreonnet of ETC.

David Adams of ABTT with Ken Sewell of Entertainment Technology Press.

Cally Bacchus and David Goodman of A.C. Entertainment Technologies.

Jack Exell with Paul De Ville of Rosco.

Anton Woodward of AVW Controls with Iain Napier of Centre Stage Engineering.

Nick Moran of Central School with LD Rob Halliday and Jeremy Roberts of ETC.

Party attendees turn their attention to Mark White who gave an address of welcome.

Andy Collier and Brian Legge.

Richard Broadhurst and Bob Anderson.

Matthew Tonks (Stage Technologies), Geoff Joyce (ABTT) and Geoff Wheel (Royal Opera House).

Richard Bunn of Arup, Derek Gilbert of Henley Theatre Services and Nick Thomson.

Matt Lloyd of GDS, Chris Patton of Stage Electrics and Rich Blacksell of Stage Entertainment.

Michael Hall, Julie Harper and Don Hindle.

Lesley Harmer of Harmer PR with David Edelstein of Triple E.

Peter Longman and Anne Minors.

Scott Foster and David Edelstein of Triple E with Mark Ager of Stage Technologies (centre).

Andy Macdonald of Carallon, Chris Patton and Simon Allan.

Roger Hennigan (left) and Peter Threadgold (right) of White Light with Neil Daracott of Xolve.

Elliot Herman of Harmer PR with David Gray.

Peter Ruthven Hall of Theatreplan with LD Mark Jonathan.

Erik Larsen of ETC and Adam Klein of City Theatrical.

Caz Williamson, David Gray and Pete Marshall (PRG).

Dan Timms, Josie Royle and Gaile Nichols of J&C Joel with David Edelstein.