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JTSE Photonews

JTSE Photonews

ADB’s Valerie Pico and Raph Janssens. New on stand were the modular ALC4 LED fixtures.

Didier Barreau and Michael Goldberg of Philips Entertainment with lighting designer Cedric Caulier (centre) of the Musée des Beaux Arts, Paris.

Black Cat Music’s Brigitte Downs and Guy Dagger.

Lionel Garraud shows Robert Juliat’s new LED profile spot.

Paul Topliss of Lee Filters, Ludwig Le Page of Robert Juliat and Pete Floyd of LSC Lighting.

The stand of Jezet Seating.

Emilio Cornelli showed Clay Paky equipment on the stand of Dimatec.

Dimatec’s Olivier Bordini demonstrates an Avolites console.

Jean-Marie Lariche and Annie Colombatto of Sky Light with Bernard Hamon of Adrem (centre).

The stand of SCI.

The stand of major distributors Axente.

Olivier Bordini of Dimatec with Joanna Shapley of Rosco.

The busy central area of the JTSE show.

Alain Cornevaux of ESL.

Matthew Tonks and Philibert Uwimana of Stage Technologies.

Christie projection.

Heavy engineering from Máquinas Iberica.

JTSE show communication and marketing manager Natalia Gladyrewsky.

Jean-Louis Pernette of AVAB Transtechnik France shows ETC’s award-winning Selador fixtures alongside IES sine wave digital dimming.

The stand of Varia France.

Marc Hendriks and Michiel van der Zijde of Prolyte.

Bruno Souchaud of NS Distribution.

The stand of Gerriets.

Gala Systems of Canada.

Stage engineering from Waagner Biro.

Isabelle Becourt, Laurence Benhammou and Bob Abecera of Parsicène.

Bob Abecera of Pariscène and Igor Cernitori of Teclumen.

The stand of Cromlech.

There’s a space limit at JTSE, so Europodium went upwards.

Audio 2 for DPA Microphones and Outline of Italy.

The stand of L-Acoustics.

Crystal Equipment for Compulite, LDDE and more.

The stand of d&b audiotechnik.

The stand of RCF.

Meyer Sound from Best Audio.

The stand of RVE Technologie.

Looking across the show floor from the Librarie.

Linklift from Serapid.

Audrey Roussey of Harlequin.

The stand of Sonoss, who distribute equipment from.Kinesys, CM, JTE, PixelRange, i-Pix and Luminex.

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