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PLASA 2009

PLASA 2009 Photonews

Tim Burnham showed a range of equipment from Tempest Lighting of California.

John Szewczuk of Interactive Technologies with Nuri Waheishi of TMB.

Alan Morris, Jo Schofield and Dave Smith of staging specialists Specialz.

Markus Komertzky showed the latest LED products from LDDE of Austria in the White Light zone.

Silvo Cibien of ELC (right) shows the new Checker with Adam Goldsmith of White Light.

City Theatrical’s Gary Fails, Adam Klein and Andrew Nikel.

Steve Ramos of Rosco with Howard Eaton of Howard Eaton Lighting.

Snowy Johnson and John Lethbridge of Pulsar.

Hermann and Brigitta Sorger of Lighting Innovation of Vienna with Rod Bartholomeusz of Lightstorm.

The stand of Le Mark with custom printed floor.

The stand of Adamson of Canada.

ETC’s award-winning Selador in action with fixtures top right lighting the mannequin (left).

Larry Beck and Tony Browne of Martin Professional.

The stand of DTS of Italy, now represented in the UK by Lightfactor.

Looking in on the Innovation Gallery.

Keny Whitright of Wybron, Nick Archdale of Pharos Controls and Pete Marshall of PRG.

Part of the tarm LED display.

Triple E’s Scott Foster (left) and David Edelstein (right) with Dominic Peissel of Blackout Paris and consultant Eric Porter.

The centre stand of PRG Distribution included the latest equipment from Vari-Lite.

The Philips Entertainment Lighting Group stand with Selecon, Strand and Color Kinetics.

Ian Brown and David Srba of Robe Lighting.

The Prolyte stand included equipment from Doughty Engineering.

The stand of Pulsar.

The stand of Allen & Heath who celebrated the company’s 40th anniversary.

Diane Grant and Wayne Howell of Artistic Licence.

The stand of Spotlight of Italy.

The stand of Void Acoustics.

The stand of DiGiCo was busy throughout the show.

David Taylor of Arup with Peter Rogers of Philips Entertainment Group.

Lori Rubinstein and John McGraw looked after business for ESTA.

Matthew Tonks and Mark Ager of Stage Technologies with theatre consultant Richard Brett.

Richie Mickan, Pete Floyd and Gary Pritchard of LSC with the new Clarity lighting control system.

Ludwig Lepage and Jean-Charles Juliat of Robert Juliat.

Lionel Garraud and François Juliat of Robert Juliat.

Bob Schacherl of Philips Vari-Lite with Derrick Saunders of ADDA.

The stand of CADAC provided musical entertainment.

Philip Norfolk and Michael Althaus of MA Lighting.

Poul Tønder, Jakob Hansen and Niels Svarrer of Gobo High Light.

Michael Hall and Eddie Ruffell with ‘Colour and Lighting Filters’ – the latest title from Entertainment Technology Press.

Robert Steel and Shahid Anwar of Avolites with the new Tiger Touch console.

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