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JTSE 2010

John Offord reports from Paris

Augusto Andraghetti and Thomas Nell showed Spotlight equipment on the stand of Axente.

Karima Djellal of CSi France and David March of PRG Distribution of London.

Clay Paky’s Emilio Cornelli and Pio Nahum with Olivier Bordini of Dimatec (centre).

Lionel Garraud and Luwig Le Page show Robert Juliat’s latest Aledin luminaire, the 330LF.

The stand of Trekwerk.

The Europodium also showed Chainmaster equipment.

The stand of Eclalux.

Alain Cornevaux of ESL with Marc Pioger of ESL’s new Paris office.

Michiel van der Zijde took care of business for Prolyte Products Group.

Christian Léonard, André Bragard-De Naeyer and Gilles Govaerts of ADB with the new ADB Liberty console.

José Reis on stand for stage engineering company Maquinas Iberica.

CSI France showed Selecon and Vari-Lite equipment.

Audio 2 for Outline of Italy and DPA Microphones.

Apex were front of house with DiGiCo, CODA and Ampco equipment and more.

Jérôme Dupic, Christophe Bachelot and Tony Ellis of GE Lighting.

David Edelstein and Scott Foster of Triple E with Damian Slaney of Blackout (centre).

Jean-Louis Pernette and Christian Rezqui of AVAB Transtechnik with ETC’s Erik Larsen (centre).

Bob Abecera and Laurence Benhammou of Pariscène.

Silvio Cibien showed ELC Lighting’s control equipment on the stand of Axente.

Jean-Yves Beaussart and Gilles Le Bihan of the Verlinde Stagemaker division.

The stand of Harlequjn Europe.

Scenic design companies abounded at JTSE: the stand of Evidence “La Scene”.

The stand of Roland Systems.

Jezet Seating is a JTSE regular.