Knights of Illumination Awards

Details of the Award winners can be found here: http://www.etnow.com/news/2010/9/third-knight-of-illumination-awards

Coral Cooper receives her Lifetime Recognition award. Compère Paul Ross is on right.

Ian Dow, winner Iain Davidson with his award, presented by Paul Mardon of Pulsar.

Mark Smithers receives his award in the television category.

Baz Halpin receives his award for ‘Pink’.

Martin Hawthorn, winner Bernie Davies, and Paul Ross.

The Knights of Illumination Award organising team.

Peter Mumford receives his award from Michael Althaus of MA Lighting.

James F. Ingalls receives his award for the ENO production of ‘L’allegro for Mark Morris’.

Cate Carter won her rock award for The Editors.

White Light’s Bryan Raven receives the theatre award on behalf of Mimi Jordan Sherin for ‘The Gambler’ at the Royal Court.

Ian Dow of the STLD, chair of the television panel.

Sarah Rushton-Reed, chair of the rock panel.

Paule Constable, chair of the theatre panel.

Michael Pleuser of Osram, lead sponsor of the event.

Ian Dow and Paul Ross with Tony Slee (centre) of ELP who accepted the award on behalf of John Carberry for ‘Eastenders Live’.