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ABTT Theatre Show 2011

ABTT Theatre Show 2011

The stand of Lighting Partners.

The stand of Independent Studio Services.

The stand of Yamaha Music UK.

Keny Whitwright of Wybron with Victoria Spurgin of TMB. Above their heads is the new Cygnus Incite 375W profile from Wybron for which TMB are UK distributors.

Continuous refreshment was available on the stand of Northern Light.

The stand of Alcons Audio.

The stand of Allen & heath.

Vicky Fairall and Wyatt Enever of Goboland UK.

Ken Bereen of Cooper Controls (Zero88) with Alan Jackson of Hawthorns.

Bill Jones of Robe UK with Brian Henshall of Mainstage Presentation Technology.

Erik Larsen of ETC with Gary Fails of City Theatrical.

Glyn O’Donoghue of MA Lighting with Marco Zucchinali of Clay Paky.

Mike Walker of Martin Professional with Victoria Spurgin of TMB.

Andrew De Rosa of ABTT with Richard Brett of Theatreplan.

Bryan Raven and Dave Isherwood of White Light.

The stand of A.C. Entertainment Technologies.

The award commended stand of Sparks Theatrical Hire.

Black and white from d&b audiotechnik.

Daniel Philips (right) of Doughty Engineering shows the Doughty Facility Panel to Steve Aitchison of Audio Light Systems.

Jessica Bellinger and Suzanne Wynne of ShowTex.

Hoist UK’s Tony Dickson and Paul Jordan (second from right) with Richard Mangham of Truss UK and Joseph Jeremy of Niscon.

Mike Walker of Loh Humm Audio with Josh Richardson and Andy Fox of Opus Audio.

Ian Saunders and Andy Collier of ALD with Richard Pilbrow.

Gary Fails and Alex Cowan on stand for City Theatrical.

Robin Whittaker of Out Board on the stand of HD Pro Audio.

Another view of the XL Video stand.

The stand of Sound Technology with Soundcraft.

Andy Graves and Snowy Johnson of Pulsar.

Tony Griffiths and Richard Wright of J & C Joel.

Silvio Cibien of ELC and Martin Palmer of White Light on the JB Lighting section of the White Light exhibit.

The stand of Rosco.

ETC president Fred Foster (right) at work on stand.

The presentation from Orbital Sound.

Ian Bridgewater and Mark Parkhouse of TOA Corporation showed Trantec equipment.

First time at ABTT: Steven Hayman and Daniel Lovering of English Braids Ltd.

Kathryn Gadsby of Specialist Lamp Distributors with Clive Connor GE Lighting.

Michael Goldberg of Philips Entertainment, Bryan Raven of White Light, Graham Eales and Matt Hallard also of Philips.

Mark White and Anne Valentino of ETC.

Dan Holme and John Jones of Lift Turn Move (LTM).

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