ABTT / ETC Christmas Party 2011

The party in full swing in the Grand Salon of the Theatre Royal Drury Lane. The event was sponsored by ETC.

A Triple-E trio of Scott Foster and Brenda and David Edelstein.

Rosco’s Michael Hall is flanked by PR specialist Julie Harper (left) and Anna Western (right) of Stage Electrics.

Sightline editor Ken Bennett-Hunter, ABTT Theatre Show organiser Roger Fox and consultant Peter Roberts.

Peter Threadgold of White Light, Roger Hennigan of the South Bank Centre and Richard Brett of Theatreplan.

Sam Wise of Arup, John Allen of Northern Light and Francis Reid.

Bob Allen and Cally Bacchus of AC Entertainment Technologies.

Michael Holden of the Society of Theatre Consultants with Judith Strong.

Louise Dickson of Hoist UK with Francis Reid.

Colin Draper of Richmond Theatre with ABTT chairman Mark White of ETC.

Howard Eaton of HEL with Derek Gilbert and Ivan Myles of Henley Theatres Services.

Elliot Herman of Digital Deluxe (formerly Harmer PR) with Ian Dow of the Showlight committee.

Mark Burnett of Stage Electrics with Chris Patton of GDS.

Jamie Wells and Mark Obeney of White Light.

Peter Maccoy of Central School with Ricky Newman.

Matthew Lloyd of GDS with Philip Norfolk of Ambersphere Solutions.

Ted Moore and Mark Ager of Stage Technologies.

Jason Larcombe and Bryan Raven of White Light with ALD chairman Rick Fisher.

Ken Bennett-Hunter with Len Greenwood of Theatre Projects Consultants.

Matthew Tonks of Stage Technologies with Jeremy Roberts of ETC

George Ellerington of Arup with Alan Russell.

Chris West of Ambersphere, Fanny Barrato of White Light, Alex Cowan of City Theatrical and Luke Delwiche of ETC.

Andy Collier of Technical Marketing Ltd with Rick Dines.