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PLASA 2011 Photonews

ETP's editorial camera explores PLASA 2011

The combined Prolyte and Doughty Engineering exhibit.

Tom Mannings looked after business for ABTT.

David and Brenda Edelstein supported the Theatrical Guild and announced details of the 2012 First Night Riders motorcycle tour.

Nuri Waheishi, Gary Lodge and Dave Whatley of GSL Power Distribution.

The Ambersphere team of Chris West, Glyn O’Donoghue, Philip Norfolk, Elke Kemper and David Baldwin.

Tim Burnham of Tempest Lighting with Paul Hartley of TMB London.

Mike Fisher of Smoke Factory UK.

Hermann Sorger of Lighting Innovation (Vienna) with Rod Bartholomeusz of Lightstorm Trading.

The stand of Studio Due.

Graham Merritt, Peter Sturt and Adam Young of Lee Filters.

Mark Engel, Stan Miller and Paul De Ville of Rosco.

Joanna Shapley and Gordon Tomkins of Rosco.

The stand of Robe Lighting.

The stand of Philips with Strand Lighting, Selecon and Vari-Lite.

DTS exhibited within the Lightfactor emporium.

The Yamaha Commercial Audio.

Adam Hall showed their numerous brands.

Rosco’s Mark Engel and Stan Miller presented Rick Fisher with a cheque for Light Relief.

Luke Delwiche presents Rick Fisher with a cheque for Light Relief – the result of proceeds from sales of ETC’s iRFR app.

Tom Littrell of ETC with David Gray of Oasis Enterprises.

Gary Fails and Alex Cowan of City Theatrical.

Graham MacIntyre showed Coemar equipment on stand in the White Light zone.

Ian Kirby and Peter Johansen for SGM Technology for Lighting.

Nick Dykins and Frank Lawton of Slingco, specialists in high level tension wire grids.

Ian Brown and Franco Bertini of Studio Due.

The stand of 5 Star Cases.

Spotlight of Milan showed a wide range of lighting products.

The stand of Martin Audio who showed the MILAT touring system amongst their range of loudspeaker related audio products.

The stand of Polar Audio, representing several major audio brands.

Part of the Batmink emporium.

The stand of HK Audio of Germany.

MilTek UK showed a range of new audio and lighting products.

Author Francis Reid shows his latest book – Cue 80 – on the stand of ETP with Ken Sewell.

Part of the huge White Light Zone.

Lionel Garraud and Stéphanie Reversé show the Aledin LED fixtures from Robert Juliat.

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