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Show Way 2011

Show Way exhibition, Bergamo, Italy

Show-Way 2011 is opened. Augusto Andraghetti, president of APIAS, the Italian trade association, is in picture left.

Show-Way was a domestic show for the Italian market.

One of the main avenues at the Bergamo fiera.

Pasquale Quadri and Davide Barbetta of Clay Paky.

PROLED on the stand of Alpha Concept.

Sascha Sahakoglu and Dirk Van Nieuwenhuysen of ADB gave the first showing in Italy of ADB’s new Freedom console on the stand of Spotlight.

The always smartly presented stand of Clay Paky.

Antari’s popular demo room spilled out a smoky haze.

Thomas Nell shows Spotlight’s new LED 100W Fresnel White fixture which has a 12-60 degree zoom and warm and natural white options.

Angela Della Frera of APIAS with Florian von Hofen of VPLT.

The display of Noleggio Attrezzature Technishe per lo Spettacolo.

Arena Luci of Castel Goffredo.

The stand of Trabes who represent Doughty Engineering, Saftex, Adam Hall and Divo Hoists in Italy.

The Proel Group: Turbosound, Sagitter and C Audio.

Leading Technologies and SoundLight Technologies for Crown, JBL, Lexicon, Soundcraft, Neutrik, AKG, Pulsar and many more major industry ‘names’.

The Doughty Engineering section of the Trabes stand.

Julian Chiverton of Doughty Engineering with Jon Petts and Paul Mardon of Pulsar.

Natalia Gladyrewsky of JTSE (Paris) with Augusto Andraghetti of Spotlight.

The stand of Leader Light, now represented in the UK by White Light.

The stand of stage engineering specialists Alpha System.

Carmen Savarese of Trabes with Paul Bellucci of TTL Sales who will be handling sales of the Divo chain hoist range in the UK.

The stand of Outline – famous for their Butterfly speaker system.

Shining out for Clay Paky: Alpha Beam 1500, Alpha Beam 700 Cromato and Sharpy Cromato.

Margaret Heymann and Laurie Girardeau of Rosco.had the usual colour offerings plus a nice line in chocolate biscuit goodies.