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ABTT Theatre Show 2012

Photo Gallery

Richard Brett of Theatreplan with David Edelstein of Triple E.

ABTT chairman Mark White with Molly and Richard Pilbrow.

Steve Bampton, John Deacon and Ian Napier of Centre Stage Engineering.

John Jones (left) and Dave King (right) confirm Daniel Holme as director of the LTM Entertainment Division.

John Beer, Amy Parks and Ian King of Point Source Productions.

Jacqui Hilton of Rope and Rigging with Jas Parekh of Fibre Optic Systems and her daughter Charey Ryatt.

Glyn O’Donoghue and Philip Norfolk of Ambersphere Solutions by appointment with a royal Clay Paky Sharpy, fresh from the Queen’s Jubilee Concert.

Lydia, Martin and Gavin Hawthorn of … Hawthorns.

Malcolm Mellows and Lee Spencer of XL Video.

Tom Goethals, Suzanne Wynne and Bart Delporte of ShowTex.

Steven Marshall and Leanne Baker on stand for the Le Mark Group.

Amy Parks of Point Source Productions with the award for best stand at the show.

Bob Dagger, Anita Oakes, Caroline Reilly and David Brooks of British Harlequin.

Jeremy Roberts and Fred Foster with ETC’s Lighting Product of the Year Award.

ABTT chairman Mark White with Amanda Abraham of the ABTT office.

Iain Dennis and David Morgan of Lighting Partners.

Mark Chapman of Bristol Paints with Widget of the Year Award for the Aqua-Service Portable Wash-Up and Recycling Water Unit – easily the biggest “widget” winner to date!

Lighting director Roger Williams with Adrian Offord of CT London.

Brian Croft with John Jones of LTM.

Julie Harper and Lesley Harmer with Michael Hall of Rosco.

Alex Cowan and Gary Fails of City Theatrical.

Andy Collier of Technical Marketing with Julian Chiverton of Doughty Engineering.

Paul Ayling and Alan Good showed the wide range of Andolite connection products.

Francis Reid with Colin Cuthbert of Northern Light.