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JTSE 2012

John Offord takes the editorial camera to Dock Pullman, Paris.

Chromlech showed their New Elidy screen, billed as the world’s first LED matrix fixture capable of projecting volumetric graphics.

David Faulks of MilTec with Elaine Peake of Le Maitre – both companies are represented in France by NS Distribution.

The stand of Innovason, the leading French sound console manufacturer.

Gerriets showed several new products including PVC diffusion film together with various special textiles.

Part of the sound specialist APG stand.

JTSE communication and marketing is handled by Natalia Gladyrewsky (right) here in company with team member Clarisse Loiseau.

ADB’s Thierry Dupont and Raph Janssens.

Compulite lighting control equipment on the stand of Crystal Equipment.

The stand of loudspeaker manufacturers NEXO.

Dominic Peissel shows Blackout’s EK2 electro kabuki drop mechanism.

The stand of stage machinery specialists Trekwerk.

DPA Microphones were represented on the stand of Audio2, together with Outline.

Jérôme Bréhard of Axente with Silvo Cibien of ELC and GreenGo.

CSI for Vari-Lite, Selecon, PR Lighting, Griven, Hazebase, Wireless Solution and more.

The popular stand of Harlequin floors.

Lift systems specialists Serapid: ever present at JTSE.

The stand of stage engineering experts Waagner-Biro.

Paul Topliss of Lee Filters (right) with Pascal Lopinot of French distributors LA BS Prolux.

AVAB Transtechnik France for ETC and more.

The stand of ShowTex for fabrics, tracks and motion control systems.

Franck Dujardin (left) demonstrates RVE Technologie’s latest LED luminaires.

Eric Lecuyer, Vincent Bedu and Jean-Yves Beaussart show Verlinde’s new Stagemaker SR5 hoist with double brake system as standard.

The stand of major French distributors Sonoss.

ZEP LED luminaires from Robert Juliat.