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ABTT Xmas Party

ETC Sponsored ABTT Xmas Party

Ian Albery with his ABTT Fellowship award in the company of Nica Burns and Mark White.

Caroline Reilley of British Harlequin, John Allen of Northern Light and David Brooks of Technical Marketing.

Michael Hall of Rosco with Julie Harper and Ian Dow.

Mhora Samuel with Jessica Allan and Mike Walker (Martin Professional).

Scott Foster of Triple E with Harkness Screens’ Andrew Emmott, Richard Mitchell and Matt Jahans.

Anton Woodward of AVW Controls, Derek Gilbert (Henley Theatre Services) and John Whitaker (Theatreplan).

John Simpson of White Light with Ted Moore of Stage Technologies and Jon Cadbury (PRG).

Rob Williamson of Flashlight with Mark White.

A Royal Central School duo of Peter Maccoy and Nick Moran.

ABTT CEO Robin Townley with the Association’s new secretary, Matthew Jones.

Matt Lloyd of GDS with Chris Toulmin of PLASA.

ABTT’s new show organiser David Mayo with Pete Marshall of PRG.

Bryan Raven of White Light with Nikki Scott of Stage Technologies.

Nica Burns introduces the ABTT fellowship award to Ian Albery.

Andy Dodd of Flashlight with Jeremy Roberts of ETC.

Rob West of the National Skills Academy with ABTT chairman Mark White of ETC.

Fanny St. Pasteur and Michelle Chasteen of White Light with Abbey Subhan and Sophie Pierronnet of ETC.

Robin Townley with Andy Hayles of Charcoalblue.

Sightline editor Ken Bennett-Hunter and David Adams.

Mark White with Jessica Allan and Derek Gilbert (Henley Theatre Services).

Consultants Alan Russell and Sam Wise.

Anna Western of Stage Electrics with John Offord of Entertainment Technology Press.

Ritchie Reed of Martin Professional with lighting designer Declan Randall.

More consultant talk: Iain Mackintosh, Tim Foster and Gerbrand Borgdorff.