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ABTT Theatre Show 2014

Richard Cuthbert and Matt Lloyd about to cut their tenth anniversary cake.

The stand of Hawthorn Theatrical.

Patrick Donoghue and Mike Sweetland of Mainstage Ltd.

Truss and colour from Total Solutions.

Bart Delporte of ShowTex on stand.

The TC group stand with Tannoy, Lab.gruppen and Lake.

The stand of White Light.

John Beer and Stephen Capel of Point Source Productions.

The Martin Professional stand.

The XL Video presentation.

Dave Cartwright and Steve Marshall on duty for Le Mark.

The stand of Philips Entertainment Group.

The Association of Lighting Designers meeting point.

Ted Moore of Stage Technologies with Ian Napier of Centre Stage Engineering.

Yamaha Music UK.

The stand of Orbital Sound.

Glyn O’Donoghue of Ambersphere with James Bawn of AC Entertainment Technologies.

d&b audiotechnik, a popular meeting point.

The stand of scenic material specialists ShowTex.

Ray Lloyds of Harlequin shows how dance floors are constructed.

Audio Technica with Allen & Heath.

Dan Dawson and Dave Jackson of Technical Stage Services with the Edge-Safe system.

The stand of Showforce.

Glyn O’Donoghue of Ambersphere Solutions with Steve Warren of Avolites.