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International Theatre Engineering and Architecture Conference 2014

The ITEAC 2014 Welcome session about to commence.

Karin Winkelsesser of Bühnentechnische Rundschau, Richard Pilbrow of Theatre Projects Consultants and Bill Sapsis of Sapsis Rigging, Inc.

Pat Nelder of Clwyd Theatr Cymru with David Evans.

Geoff Joyce of JGA with Ric Green of Opera North.

Mick Way of Theatretech, Alan Jacobi of Unusual and ABTT Chairman Mark White of ETC.

Fiona Blackett of J&C Joel with Adam Blaxill of Stage Electrics.

Tim Foster of Foster Wilson Architects and Petrus Bertschinger.

Judith Strong of Arts and Architecture Projects with James Bawn of AC Entertainment Technologies.

Scott Ramsay of Harlow Playhouse with Alan Jackson of Hawthorns.

Simon Needle of White Light with Ted Moore of Stage Technologies.

James Wheelwright of J&C Joel with Martin Bailey of Theatre Projects.

Anton Woodward of AVW Controls with John Whitaker of Theatreplan.

Protocol talk: Adam Bennette of ETC with James Eade.

Paul Covell of Paul Covell Consultants with Sam Wise of Venue Strategies.

Brian Rose and Mark Priestley of Unusual Rigging.

Nils Becker, Michael Lichter and Fred Foster of ETC.

Bryan Raven of White Light, lighting designer Joanna Town and Matt Lloyd of GDS.

Raising funds for the Theatrical Guild were Brenda and David Edelstein of Triple E, alongside their 1947 Norton used to publicise First Night Riders events.

Kaury Zhang and Xiong Ying of Entertainment Technology magazine (China).

Richard Pilbrow with Robin Townley, CEO of ABTT.

Fridthjofur ‘Fiffi’ Thorsteinsson of Theatre Projects Consultants with Keijo Koli of Helsinki City Theatre.

Christopher Simpson of Wenger Corporation, Guy Dagger of British Harlequin and Kasper Nyboe of Harlequin Asia.

Fiona Blackett and Tony Griffiths of J&C Joel.

Andrew Nu of Omnix International with Antoine Mersche of ShowTex France.