ABTT Christmas Party 2015

The annual ETC sponsored Christmas party.

Adam Blaxill of Stage Electrics, Mark White of ETC and Ian Saunders of ALD.

ABTT chief executive Robin Townley with John Hastie.

Anna Western of Stage Electrics, Ritchie Reed of Harman’s Martin Professional and David Blyth.

Richard York, Alan Russell and Michael Holden.

Richard Broadhurst of RB Lighting with Nikki Scott of Stage Technologies/TAIT andKen Bennett-Hunter.

Dorian Kelly, David Adams and Geoff Joyce.

David Blyth receives his ABTT Fellowship award from Louise Jeffreys.

… a Fellowship for Geoff Joyce.

… and Paul Sadler.

Paul Sadler of Delstar Engineering with Jason Barnes.

Maggie Saxon joins the ranks of ABTT’s honorary members.

Erik Larsen of ETC with ABTT Theatre Show director Roger Fox.

ABTT 2015 Award line-up: Geoff Joyce, David Blyth, Maggie Saxon, Paul Sadler and Ken Bennett Hunter. Behind are Mark White, Robin Townley and Louise Jeffreys.

Justin Leonard and James Bartle of Igus UK with Scott Foster.

A consultancy trio of Robert Essert, Rob Harris and Tim Foster.

Ivan Myles, David Edelstein and Mark White.

Peter Marshall of PRG and David Mayo of the ABTT Theatre Show.

ABTT chairman Louise Jeffreys welcomes Ken Bennett-Hunter as an honorary member of ABTT.

David Edelstein and Scott Foster of Triple E with Matthew Tonks of TAIT/Stage Technologies.

Julian Chiverton and Mark Chorley of Doughty Engineering.

Peter Threadgold of White Light and David Cusworth of National Stage Technology.

Mark Ager of Stage Technologies/TAIT with Matt Lloyd of GDS.

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