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PLASA Show 2016

PLASA 2016 Photo News

Avolites’ Steve Warren and J.B. Toby with their Spanish connection Pablo Cubillas and Javier Pastor Moreno.

Martin Hawthorn of Hawthorns, Séverine Zucchiatti of Robert Juliat and Philip Norfolk of Ambersphere Solutions.

Philips’ Amber Etra and Teresa Vallis with Alan Luxford.

Members of the Clay Paky team: Emilio Cornelli, Francesco Romagnoli, Pio Nahum, Marco Zucchinali and Davide Barbetta.

Jessica Allan and Ben Taylor on stand for Chroma – Q.

Popular industry veteran Brian Croft with LD Durham Marenghi of Olympic fame.

Spotlight’s Thomas Nell and Bob Allen of AC-ET with the new followspot LED 450, available in RGBW or White versions.

Popular marketing man: Davide Barbetta of Clay Paky.

Wayne Howell of Artistic Licence with the PLASA Innovation Award for Art-Net v4.

Cally Bacchus or Qeyteck with Zoe Castle of Visual Productions.

Dan Phillips and Stephen Wright show the latest clamps from Doughty Engineering.

Henri Maréchal of ADB Stagelight with consultant Raph Janssens.

Nick Hunt of Rose Bruford College with lighting project manager Chris Henry, fresh from her work on the Olympics ceremonies in Rio.

Ian Saunders and John Leventhall of the Association of Lighting Designers (ALD).

Alan Cornevaux of YSL (France) with AC-ET’s Jonathan Walters.

Anne Valentino – winner of the 2016 Tony Gottelier Award.

Another win for Hall Stage and LivePipe: Charles Haines holds the PLASA Innovation Award.

Matt Lloyd of GDS with the company’s PLASA Innovation Award for Sustainability for the Fade to Warm ArcLamp.

Francesco Romagnoli of Clay Paky and Glyn O’Donoghue of Ambersphere Solutions with the PLASA Award for the Scenius Profile.

Grant Smith and Ian Ferguson with TourFlex – the cable brand for AC Entertainment Technologies.

ETC’s Anne Valentino and Jeremy Roberts.

Bill Jones and Ian W. Brown of Robe UK go walkabout.

Mark Ravenhill with GLP’s new GT-1 luminaire.

Mark Wagstaff on stand for Powerdrive.

Darren Webb, Peter Threadgold and Oska Davie of White Light.

Ritchie Reed of new Stage Electrics company SLX with Pete Floyd of LSC.

Matthew Tonks, Ken Golding and Nikki Scott of Stage Technologies/TAIT with White Light’s Bryan Raven (standing).

Christian Léonard, Massimiliano Piava, Gilles Govaerts, Pio Nahum and Fabiano Besio link ADB within Clay Paky.

Gary Pritchard of LSC with the PLASA Award for the Mantra Lite and Wings lighting control.

Ben Weitjers and Jon Petts of Chauvet.

Suzanne Archer and Robin Townley of the Association of British Theatre Technicians (ABTT).

Sam Tamplin and Martin Lockett of TSL Lighting.

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