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ABTT Theatre Show 2017

Peter Marshall of PRG with LD and production manager John Harris.

Justin Leonard and Matt Downes of Igus.

LD Roger Williams with Mike Docksey of AC Entertainment Technologies.

Nuri Waheishi and Jai Auguste of TMB with Lee Baldock of The Fifth Estate (centre).

Drapemakers in action.

Award winner: Gary Vilardi with the ABTT Lighting Product of the Year award for DMXcat.

The stand of Harlequin Floors.

The Philips Entertainment team of Martin Palmer, Grant Bales-Smith, Bill Richards, Mel Zacks and Alan Luxford.

The Triple E team of Brenda Edelstein, Tony Jenner, David and Lucy Edelstein who launched the 80-seat Project 33 venue for the Pleasance Theatre within the West Hall of Alexandra Palace. Next stop will be the Edinburgh Festival.

Ian W. Brown shows Robe Lighting’s new BMFL Lightmaster externally mountable programmable unit that creates a quality followspot from any BMFL fixtures.

Discussion point: Alan Jacobi of Unusual with Chris Higgs of Total Solutions.

Total Solutions’ Ian Hall and Chris Cronin.

Andrew Dahl, Matthew Millward and Neil Vann of AC Entertainment Technologies.

Luke and Anton Woodward of AVW Controls.

Anne Valentino of ETC with Dave Isherwood of White Light.

Mark Parkhouse and Jack Wilson of FBT Audio UK.

Alun Edwards and Jeremy Munns of Glantre with Maurycy Sowka (second left) and André Bragard-De Naeyer (right) of ASM.

Lucy Edelstein of Triple E with Bill Sapsis of Sapsis Rigging of New York.

Anton Veness and Matt Cowles of Ambersphere Solutions with Ludwig Le Page of Robert Juliat.

Mick Hopwood and Frank Lawton of Slingco – the Cablenet people.

Jonathan Walters of AC Entertainment Technologies with Thomas Nell of Spotlight Milan.

Christine Gossett and Iain Forbester on stand for Serapid.

Mark Chapman with Bristol Paints delivery van.

The FOH stand of Steeldeck.

James Wheelwright of J&C Joel with Terry Murpha of S+H Technical Support.

Paul Butler of Mushroom Lighting on stand with Igor Cernitori of Teclumen.

Dave Keighley of SGM with Philip Norfolk of Ambersphere Solutions.

Vicky Fairall and Paul De Ville of Goboplus on stand.

Ken Sewell of Entertainment Technology Press with Martin Hawthorn.

The stand of HD Pro Audio.

Clive Odam of Theatreplan with Ian Napier of Centre Stage Engineering.

Patrick Santini of Modtruss with David Edelstein of Triple E inside the Project 33 theatre within the West Hall at Alexandra Palace.

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