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ABTT Christmas Party 29017

Adam Blaxill (left) of Stage Electrics joins a Doughty Engineering trio of Dan Philips, Julian Chiverton and Mark Chorley.

Katie and David Wilmore of Theatresearch with Mark White and LD Rick Fisher.

Coral Cooper, Steve Eastham of Anolis, Adam Blaxill and Shaun Robertshaw of Philips.

David and Lucy Edelstein of Triple E with new staff member Richard Black.

Mark Ager of TAIT Stage Technologies and Bryan Raven of White Light.

Lincoln Parkhouse of Just FX with Peter Maccoy of Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

Iain Mackintosh presents the citation for the fellowship award to David Wilmore.

Ted Moore of TAIT Stage Technologies with David Evans.

Jon Whittaker of Theatreplan with Ian Napier of Centre Stage Engineering.

Matt Downes and Justin Leonard of Igus UK.

Newly elected ABTT Fellow David Wilmore (centre) with ABTT CEO Robin Townley and Iain Mackintosh.

Mark White, Derek Gilbert of Henley Theatre Services and theatre consultant Sam Wise of Arup.

Howard Eaton, Rick Fisher and Alistair Grant.

An Avolites trio of Stephen Baird-Smith, Matt Jennings and Ron Carrington.

Guests assemble for the presentation in the foyer of the New London Theatre.

Ritchie Reed, Jessica Allan and Matt Cowles (Ambersphere).

Richard Bunting of LSI Projects with Peter Marshall of PRG/XL Video.

Consultant Barry Pritchard with Showlight chairman John Allen.

Jim Tetlow of Nautilus Entertainment Design (US) with Ken Sewell of Entertainment Technology Press.

ABTT Theatre Show director Roger Fox with consultant and author Iain Mackintosh.

Paul Johnson of Harman and Ritchie Reed of Sound Technology (Martin) with Ian Saunders of the ALD (centre).

Mark White of ETC joins Jane Cockburn (left) and Claire Beeson (right) of PLASA and Julie Harper.

Ray Carter, David Wilmore and David Staples.

Iain Mackintosh with Richard York.

Peter Threadgold of White Light with David Cusworth of TFG Stage Technology.

Don Hindle and Geoff Joyce.

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