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Showlight 2017

Alan Luxford and Martin Palmer of Philips Entertainment Lighting with a VL6000 luminaire.

Robe’s Harry von den Stemmen with Ivan Myles.

Another view of the greenhouse – setting for the Showlight dinner.

The Siena Choir perform in the garden of the Showlight dinner venue.

Rob Halliday and Alan Luxford on the stand of the Backstage Heritage Collection. Luminaire in picture is a Patt 264 from Strand Electric.

The stand of major production company Hawthorn.

White Light’s Bryan Raven with LD Ken Billington.

Simon Roose of Pinewood MBC Lighting with Ian Kirby of SGM UK.

Sable Huang and Florian von Hofen of Unicond (Rouge Group) with Lesley Arend of ETP (centre).

David Gray and Karim Abdel Massih of Oasis Enterprises.

Push every pixel with d3 technologies media platforms.

The stand of Elation Professional.

The stand of Rosco.