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ABTT Theatre Show 2018

Simon Barrett of GLP joins Mark Morley (left) and Jonathan Haynes (right) on the White Light stand.

The Hawthorn team of Mark Burnett, Dave Slater, James Curtis, Martin Hawthorn and Kane Walsh.

Cassie Irving, JustinWalsh and Glynis Jones on stand for J&C Joel.

Oliver Sharpe and Jonathan Walters of AC Entertainment Technologies on duty with Sixty82 products.

Alasdair Flint of Flints Theatrical Chandlers with the ABTT Award for the 6 in 1 and 3 in 1 Staplers.

Mike Wheeler of EM Acoustics with the Sound Product of the Year Award for EMS-41 speaker.

Matt Wiseman of MDG with the ABTT Engineering Product of the Year Award for the Round Floor Pocket.

Thomas Pienebring, Justin Leonard and Matt Downes of Igus.

Steve Warren, Jihane Saadi, Stephen Baird Smith and Koy Neminathan of Avolites.

Matt Lloyd of GDS with Peter Threadgold, recently retired from White Light.

Ian Hall, Leeanne Walker and Chris Higgs of Total Solutions Group.

Richard Cuthbert of Global Design Solutions (GDS).

Andy Huffer of HD Pro Audio on stand with an AVID S6L desk

Kai Auguste of TMB with Victoria Spergin of AC Entertainment Technologies.

Gordon Tomkins of Gerriets UK.

Maurycy Sowka and André Bragard deNaeyer of ASM.

Ed Cooper and Malcolm Mellows of Bluei Theatre Technology.

ABTT CEO Robin Townley with David Edelstein and Triple E’s model of their active “Sip and Slide” exhibit for the coming Edinburgh Festival.

Spotlight’s Thomas Nell (left) and Augusto Andraghetti (right) with Jonathan Walters of AC Entertainment Technologies.

Canford’s Mike Reay and Erika Dobie receive an award from ELC’s Silvio Cibien.

Cat Shepherd, Opasna Rander and Katherine Stamp of ETC.

Brett Cohen and Neil Vann promote “Follow Me” on the stand of AC Entertainment Technologies.

Front of house for TAIT Stage Technologies.

David Faulks with the new Infinity luminaire range from Highlite.

The Chroma-Q section of the AC Entertainment Technologies stand.

Drapemakers in action.

Production Resource Group (PRG) – rental and production giants.

Rob Beamer, Lauren Drinkwater and Robin Young of Sound Technology with the Lighting Product of the Year award for the MAC Encore Wash.

An ETC line-up: Anne Valentino, Rosi Marx, Erik Larsen and Simon Clarke.

Ally Bullock, Paul de Ville and Vicky Fairall of GoboPlus.

Scott Oake of iStudio Projects, Rob Armstrong of Torpedo Factory Group and Alan Carradus of J&C Joel.

The busy stand of Flint Hire and Supply.

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