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ABTT Xmas Party 2018

ABTT Hold a Christmas Party

New fellow David Staples (right) with Louise Jeffreys and Richard Pilbrow.

Isobel Hatton serves up the Christmas pudding.

David Goodman of AC Entertainment Technologies with Laurence Dyer of Doughty Engineering.

Nikki Scott with Ian Saunders of the ALD.

Ricky Newman with Geoffrey Joyce.

Jenny Kershaw and Simon Barrett of GLP with Tom Wilkes (centre) of Chauvet.

Matt Lloyd of GDS with Alex Wardle of Charcoalblue.

Tim Foster and Richard York.

Anton Woodward and Jon Whittaker.

Newly elected ABTT Fellow Will Bowen with Ted Moore of TAIT Stage Technologies.

Ricky Newman and David Edelstein.

Will Bowen with his Fellowship award, ABTT chair Louise Jeffreys and Jack Tilbury.

Mark Larcombe, Adam Blaxill and Jeremy Roberts.

LD Fridthjofur Thorsteinsson with Cat Shepherd of ETC and Peter Maccoy of Royal Central School.

Newly appointed ABTT Theatre Show director Isobel Hatton with Mark White and Richard Pilbrow.

Mark Ager and Gavin Wells of TAIT Stage Technologies.

Richard Pilbrow and Peter Marshall.

Tim Foster and Iain Mackintosh.

Alan Russell and Anne Minors.

A tenner for the Theatrical Guild from David Cusworth.

Jon Cadbury and Coral Cooper.

Louise Jeffreys, Ricky Newman with his Honorary Membership, and Ted Moore.

Reception and book sales duty for Stuart Roberts, the ABTT financial controller and Elysia Moore.

Debbie Clark and Jonny Marris of Clark Door.

The 2018 ABTT Fellows, Will Bowen, David Staples and Honorary Member Ricky Newman are joined at ABTT by CEO Robin Townley and Chair Loise Jeffreys.

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