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JTSE 2018

Rosi Marx and Mark Vassallo of ETC with consultant Fons de Vreede.

Luc Lafont and Fabiano Besio of ADB Stagelight.

Vincent Smeets and Bas Baadjou on stand for Highlite International of the Netherlands.

Jean-Yves Beaussart shows the Stagemaker SR1 320kg hoist.

ESL showed off ProLights to good effect.

Chauvet Professional also had a presence in Dock Eiffel.

High End’s SolaFrame 750 pictured on the stand of ETC France.

Adam Bennette of ETC with Ludwig Le Page of Robert Juliat.

Emilio Cornelli of Claypaky with the Sharpy Plus in Dock Eiffel.

Darren Jackson of GDS (right) with Victor Navarro of Alterlite, their French distributors.

Elie Battah and Harry von den Stemmen of Robe Lighting.

Verlinde for Stagemaker.

Part of the stand of major French equipment distributors, Axente.

Europodium for staging equipment including Chainmaster chain hoists.

The Robe presentation in Dock Eiffel.

Serapid for rigid chain technology.

André Bragard-De Naeyer of ASM, Ulrike Schuch of Waagner Biro, Maurycy Sowka of ASM and Bo Hold of Priebe Hold of Denmark.

Luminaires and control on the stand of ADB Stagelight.

Audio distributes 26 brands including Tannoy, beyerdynamic, Luminex and WORK.

Kinesik for LED design.

Antoine Huchez shows the new EasyRope lifting system on the stand of Huchez Stage.

Waagner Biro, major international stage system consultants.

The busy stand of newly-announced ETC France.

Claypaky in Dock Pullman with Dimatec.

Dimatec showed DeSisti and Coemar equipment in Dock Eiffel.

The stand of ADJ Supply Europe.

FreeVOX showed Starway lighting equipment.

The stand of Robe Lighting in Dock Pullman.

SGM equipment on the stand of SONOSS.

Chamsys on the stand of SONOSS.

The MIDAS presentation in Dock Haussmann.

Martin Audio and Allen + Heath in Dock Pullman.

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