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PLASA London 2018

PLASA London 2018

Philip Norfolk and Glyn O’Donoghue of Ambershpere with Alberico D’Amato of Claypaky (centre).

Triple E’s Rihcard Black, Lucy and David Edelstein fresh from the Edinburgh Festival with Sip and Slide.

Nigel Smith, Jordan Bills and Terry Murtha of S+H Technical Support.

David Stewart, Simon Barrett, Jenny Kershaw and Mark Ravenhill of GLP German Light Products.

Fons de Vreede of Lucenti of Belgium and their ‘smart’ LED bulbs.

The High End Systems line-up on the ETC stand. New was the SolaFrame 3000 fixture.

David Martin of Ambersphere with Sebastian Bückle of Astera with the Innovation Award for Titan Tube.

The ever-busy stand of Avolites.

A taste of drama from Robe whose lighting presentation was wildly impressive.

The GoboPlus team of Ally Bullock, Paul DeVille and Vicky Fairall.

Area Four Industries with Milos, Litec, Tomcat and JTE.

The PROLIGHTS OmegaPIX IP65 modular LED screen with a 3.9mm pitch

The stand of MDG for atmospheric effects.

Highlite line-up: Patrick Cramars, David Faulkes, Ron Schiffelers, Ryan Hussey, Raymond Paes and Dave Hartley.

Mark Vassallo, Rosi Marx, Anne Valentino and Darren Beckley of ETC.

Chroma-Q Brute Force fixture powered by Chroma-Q Studio Force II battens.

A lighting celebration from Elation.

A touch of Japan from Yamaha and NEXO.

Part of the massive presentation from Ambershpere Solutions.

The stand of Artistic Licence, industry experts in lighting control, and winners of an Innovation Award for their matisse dmx.

Out Board with TiMax – advanced and evolutionary spatial reinforcement.

The Broadweigh wireless load monitoring system and new BW-HA advanced wireless handheld display.

The stand of NSP Flight Cases.

Ambersphere with Ayrton, Astera, Robert Juliat, MA Lighting, zactrack and Claypaky.

Company NA with TMB: Ainã Pastars, Jonny Star, Colin Waters, Nuri Waheishi, Jai Auguste, Ritvars Sakals, Anton Sanders and McCoy D’Silva.

Guitarist Ed Bennett on evening duty for Ambersphere.

The stand of Look Solutions of Germany.

ETC’s Mark Vassallo with the new Relevé spot.

Part of the Lightpower Collection of Neal Preston’s Rock ‘n’ Roll photography.

Part of the Lightpower Collection of Neal Preston’s Rock ‘n’ Roll photography.

The stand of Harlequin Floors.

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