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ABTT Christmas Party 2019

Anton Woodward, Nikki Scott and Jon Whittaker.

Iain Mackintosh presented Steve Tompkins with his certificate of Honorary Fellowship.

Iain Saunders of the ALD with Richard Bunn.

Nick Havell of the Royal Opera House with John Simpson of White Light and Mark White of ETC.

Jai Auguste and Alan Luxford of Vari-Lite Strand.

Jan Carey with Tim Foster.

Alan Luxford of Vari-Lite Strand with Ken Sewell of Entertainment Technology Press.

Roger Fox and Jason Barnes.

An ABTT welcome team of Elysia Moore, chief executive Robin Townley, chairman Richard Bunn and treasurer Stuart Roberts.

Jonathan Haynes of White Light with Matt Cowles and Darren Beckley of ETC.

Dan Philips of Doughty Engineering with Richard Bunn.

Ritchie Reed of Chauvet, Bryan Raven of White Light and Peter Marshall of PRG.

David Cusworth and Geoff Joyce.

Caroline Fox with Richard York.

Alan Luxford, Adam Blaxill of Stage Electrics and David Catterall of Zero 88.

Mark White presents Louise Byers with her Honorary ABTT Membership certificate.

Iain Napier, John Deacon, Steve Myers and Anton Woodward.

Barry Pritchard, Jon Whittaker and Sam Wise.

Nick Ewens (left) and Ben Noble (right) of Push The Button with Matt Lloyd of gb4u and Ritchie Reed.

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