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disguise Revamps its Learn Platform to Provide an Industry-Tailored Learning Experience

disguise Revamps its Learn Platform to Provide an Industry-Tailored Learning Experience

UK – disguise, the technology platform enabling the most spectacular live experiences and virtual productions, has re-engineered its learning programme to a new offering named 'disguise Learn'. disguise Learn’s new in-classroom and online courses provide an improved experience offering dedicated learning pathways for virtual production, extended reality, broadcast graphics, location-based experiences and live events so users can pick a learning pathway most relevant to their chosen industry application.

"Within the last three years, we've helped power more than 600 real-time productions in over 50 countries. With disguise Learn, we want to share all we've learned with our 20 years of industry expertise and make it as easy as possible for anyone to become an expert in disguise workflows. With our new, industry-tailored learning pathways, learners can apply newfound knowledge to whichever projects they work in including xR and virtual production as well as location-based experiences and live shows,” says disguise training manager for EMEA, Alex Lapthorne.

disguise Learn offers a blended approach with both online and classroom learning for all levels of experience. The online offering comes free of charge and now includes more easily consumable learning content presented in different formats. Users of disguise Learn can also enjoy easier access to trainers in different regions with disguise providing classroom learning in their key locations across EMEA, APAC and the Americas either through their own trainers or through certified disguise training partners. Users can now easily learn in their preferred medium, on their budget, and on their schedule.

“While virtual productions, live events, and location-based experiences are quickly adopting next-generation technology platforms, all these industries need people with the knowledge to put the technology to use. With the launch of disguise Learn, we have expanded our existing catalogue of courses so our users can easily learn new skills that will enable them to transition into new working environments and discover exciting opportunities, “ says disguise training manager for the Americas, Vickie Claiborne.

disguise Learn offers certification in the form of printed certificates and digital badges that get posted to the attendees' Linkedin network upon successful completion of each module. With this, attendees can showcase their skills, making it easier to land their next gig.

“We are proud to launch disguise Learn and offer an easier and better way for users to begin their learning journey with us. Now, both new and existing users can get the best out of our software and hardware solutions and feel fully supported within the disguise ecosystem,” says disguise chief experience officer Alex Wills. “The pace of innovation within the media and entertainment space is increasing exponentially and we want as many people as possible harnessing the disguise platform to stay at the very forefront of these industries.”

To sign up for disguise Learn online visit

1st December 2022

ABTT Launches 2nd Guidance Note on Mental Health & Well-being

ABTT Launches 2nd Guidance Note on Mental Health & Well-being

The Association of British Theatre Technicians (ABTT) has launched Guidance Note W2: Mental health and well-being in the workplace – A practical guide to conducting Stress Risk Assessments and creating well-being policies.

This is the second in the ABTT’s “W” series of Guidance Notes which deal with legal duties and best practice for ensuring the welfare of all workers.

Guidance Note W2 is launched to coincide with International Stress Awareness Week 7-11 November 2022.1

Guidance Note W2 provides guidance for risk assessing stress in the workplace. It is closely aligned with the HSE’s current advice provided as part of the Working Minds campaign2. The guidance note offers concise guidance and a step-by-step methodology by which to begin risk assessing work related stress.

Guidance Note W2 is part of the Code of Practice for the Theatre Industry in the UK which is produced by the ABTT with the support of the national Theatre Safety Committee and which is recognised by the HSE as an Established Standard.

Work-related stress is a major cause of occupational ill health and can cause severe physical and psychological conditions in workers. It can also lead to poor productivity and human error, increased sickness absence, increases in accidents, high staff turnover and poor performance. HSE statistics show that work-related stress is a significant issue with more than 15.4 million working days lost as a result of stress, anxiety or depression. This equates to an estimated cost of £5.2 billion.3 Stress, anxiety and depression are the number one reasons for work related illness in the UK.

The “AAPTLE 2021 UK Backstage Well-being survey” provided significant evidence of a higher than average prevalence of mental ill health in technical and production practitioners working in theatre and live performance.

Guidance Note W2 provides support for workplaces in assessing the risk of work-related stress and for working towards methods by which reduce it.

1 International Stress Awareness Week 7-11 November 2022: awareness-week

2 Working Minds:

3 HSE Stress work book:


7th November 2022

Four draft standards open for review on ESTA website

Four draft standards are available for public review and comment on the ESTA website at The downloads are free. Please note the comment due dates, which are not all the same. The documents in public review are:

BSR E1.20, Entertainment Technology  Remote Device Management Over USITT DMX512 Networks. The existing E1.20 - 2010, Entertainment Technology – Remote Device Management over USITT DMX512 Networks, is being revised to clarify ambiguities, fix bugs and incorporate some additional features. E1.20 is an extension to USITT DMX512 and ANSI E1.11 that allows for bi-directional communication on the primary data link. This allows a controller to discover RDM enabled devices on the link, to set starting addresses and other configuration settings, and to request status messages. The project also is to reinstate E1.20 as an American National Standard. It has lost that status due to being over-age. Comments are due no later than November 28.

BSR E1.37-5, General Purpose Messages for E1.20, RDM, is to provide additional Get/Set parameter messages (PIDs) for use with the E1.20 Remote Device Management protocol. The public review package is a ZIP file with folders of 128 JSON examples. The standard is E1-37-5 General Purpose PIDs r30 2022-09-01.pdf. Comments on any of the files are welcome, but only comments on E1-37-5 General Purpose PIDs r30 2022-09-01.pdf will be formally considered and resolved. Comments are due no later than 28 November.

BSR E1.59, Entertainment Technology Object Transform Protocol (OTP), describes a mechanism to transfer object transform information such as position, orientation and velocity over an IP network using a subset of the ACN protocol suite. It covers data format, data protocol, data addressing, and network management. Data transmitted is intended to coordinate visual and audio elements of a production. The existing standard is being revised to include new modules for camera metadata. Comments are due no later than 28 November.

BSR E1.76, Tensioned Wire Grids, covers the design and application criteria for wire-rope tension grids, including the loading, self-weight considerations, transitions between levels, and suspension from the building structure. It provides deflection criteria for structural elements and the woven mesh. The standard offers guidance on openings, including trap doors and bays similar to loft-wells. It provides requirements for hand rails and step units, and considerations for other accessories. Comments on this draft standard are due no later than 14 November, sooner than the others.


5th October 2022

Theatre Royal Plymouth Launches New-to-Industry Technical Residency in Honour of Lighting Technician

Theatre Royal Plymouth Launches New-to-Industry Technical Residency in Honour of Lighting Technician

UK – Theatre Royal Plymouth has launched a new-to-industry technical residency in memory of former lighting technician, Andy Harman, who tragically lost his life in 2021. The Harman Technical Residency will be a first of its kind in the theatre industry, with TRP hoping this new offering could be replicated across the country.

Theatre Royal Plymouth has reflected on how difficult it can be for new people starting out in the industry to gain practical experience and get people’s foot in the door to begin their careers. With this they are keen to offer an opportunity to gain real life experience that will cement a passion for theatre and establish a high-quality approach to work that will support our industry and a life-long career.

Matt Hoyle, head of technical at Theatre Royal Plymouth said: “This technical residency will provide valuable career pathways, networking and training opportunities within the UK theatre sector. The 18-month Harman Technical Residency will see the successful candidate work within TRP’s established, well respected and experienced technical team on existing skills and will offer mentoring to help enter the technical theatre profession.”

Theatre Royal Plymouth is looking for applicants across the South West and wider UK with existing skills from a relevant higher level qualification looking for their first role in the industry. The exact programme for the successful candidate will be bespoke to the skills, knowledge and experience that individual brings.

To find out more about the Harman Technical Residency at TRP visit

30th September 2022

Wakefield’s creative leaders CAPA College and Backstage Academy announce new partnership with exciting plans for world-class Arts Education collaboration

Wakefield’s creative leaders CAPA College and Backstage Academy announce new partnership with exciting plans for world-class Arts Education collaboration

UK - A brand-new partnership between two of the country’s leading Creative Arts organisations: CAPA College and Backstage Academy has been announced. From their respective corners of Wakefield, West Yorkshire, these two pioneering organisations have been shaping the future of performing arts, production arts, live events and arts education for the past two decades with an influence that extends from the West End stage to Hollywood film production to the global tours of such musical giants as Ed Sheeran, Beyonce and Jay-Z. Now CAPA College and Backstage Academy are joining forces for the first time to further enhance Yorkshire’s reputation for world-class Arts Education.

CAPA College and Backstage Academy are both world-leading organisations with specialist training and education provision spanning across a wide range of careers from TV, film and theatre to performance and live events. This partnership comes as these two artistic stalwarts declare their intention to collaborate and further the exceptional provision for arts education in West Yorkshire.

This groundbreaking collaboration will give young people a unique opportunity to benefit from the finest artistic and creative education provided by CAPA College (which is delivered by an award-winning team of top professional teachers, directors, choreographers, musical directors, designers and technicians) alongside the cutting-edge technical and production expertise of Backstage Academy (Production Park’s trailblazing Live Events Production University, which is the only centre of its kind in the UK).

This partnership brings together the academic and research teams of two of the UK’s highest-rated creative arts organisations. CAPA College and Backstage Academy are also unrivalled in terms of the industry-standard facilities that they offer to their students. Operating from a brand new, multi-million-pound site in Wakefield city centre, CAPA College offers state-of-the-art dance, drama and singing studios, a 150-seat theatre, an outdoor amphitheatre, art house cinema and recording studios. The recently expanded Backstage Academy campus in South Kirkby is the number one live events production destination in Europe with incredible studios, the latest equipment and pioneering technology.

Tracy Brabin, Mayor of West Yorkshire, says: “I am delighted that this partnership between CAPA College and Backstage Academy is taking place. Our region is fortunate to have two organisations that excel in what they do. I hope that through working together to create a creative arts pathway for talented young people they will present opportunities for people across a range of careers in TV, film, theatre and live events. This initiative will help our region become more attractive for businesses in these sectors to come here and invest.”

With incredible new programmes of study, original opportunities for collaborative research and an unprecedented focus on immersive entertainment and performance, this new partnership between CAPA College and Backstage Academy marks the beginning of something unprecedented in Arts Education and its happening right here in West Yorkshire.

23rd September 2022

PMC Studio London Hosts Beyond the Mix’s First Pro Audio Seminar

PMC Studio London Hosts Beyond the Mix’s First Pro Audio Seminar

UK – Collaborative and networking initiative Beyond The Mix is holding a one-day seminar on 7th October 2022 to showcase mixing techniques to aspiring producers and engineers.

The seminar will take place at PMC Studio London, PMC’s fully equipped Dolby Atmos demo facility. Speakers will include GRAMMY and BRIT Award winning producer and engineer Heff Moraes, who is PMC’s brand ambassador and an expert on mixing music in the Dolby Atmos format. Also on the panel are Los Angeles-based mix engineer Ross Newbauer, who works closely with the renowned mixer Joe Zook, and UK recording and mix engineer Will Reeves, who began his career assisting Heff at Tape London and has since worked with artists such as, Migos, Bree Runway and Wes Nelson, and achieved Gold and Platinum selling records.

The brainchild of Will Reeves (founder) and Stephan Grainger (creative director), Beyond The Mix was launched during the first COVID lockdown as a way for those interested in all things audio to connect and share information. This educational and interactive platform is open to upcoming music producers and audio engineers who want to be part of a like-minded community.

“This is the first physical event Beyond The Mix has run and we are very excited to be holding it in PMC’s amazing demo facility,” Will Reeves says. “When I left university, I struggled to find the right people to help. We’ve created a platform where anyone can ask a question and get direct answers from industry professionals.

“Our aim at this event is to cover a range of subjects so that people who are new to the industry can learn about producing and mixing in stereo, 5.1 and Dolby Atmos from those who are actively involved in the process. Topics such as file preparation and organisation will be high on the agenda, but we will also be discussing ways to get started in the business and studio etiquette.”

Heff Moraes adds: “Mixing is not a dark art, but it does require proper organisation, especially now that so many projects are being prepared for release in immersive audio formats. As leaders in this field, PMC has a great deal of knowledge, both about mixing techniques and about choosing the right monitoring for Dolby Atmos studios. I personally feel it is very important that we teach aspiring engineers good techniques from the outset so that they can avoid making the mistakes others have made.”

PMC Studio London has space for 15 attendees and places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Tickets are £30 per person and can be obtained at:

The event will also be captured on video and shared on Beyond The Mix’s Instagram page.

As an additional incentive, those participating have the opportunity to win a pair of PMC result6 nearfield monitors and a set of Audeze LCD-X headphones. These exceptional products will be given away as raffle prizes at the end of the event.

In picture: Heff Moraes and Will Reeves.

15th September 2022

Following a Two-Year Hiatus, L-Acoustics Hosts APAC Certified Provider Engineers to In-Person Training ‘Bootcamp’

Following a Two-Year Hiatus, L-Acoustics Hosts APAC Certified Provider Engineers to In-Person Training ‘Bootcamp’
Following a Two-Year Hiatus, L-Acoustics Hosts APAC Certified Provider Engineers to In-Person Training ‘Bootcamp’

Thailand – With renewed energy, L-Acoustics welcomed certified provider partners to a technical boot camp in Bangkok, Thailand, for the first time in two years. Finally, after years of online-only sessions, technical referent engineers from partner companies based in ten countries in the Asia Pacific region could gather in person to learn about the latest technologies from L-Acoustics and update their skills with peers from the region.

Welcomed by Tim Zhou, CEO of L-Acoustics APAC, up to a dozen boot camp participants shared and presented project case studies on the first day, highlighting their work with L-Acoustics products for various deployments. Rounding off the day, Francois Montignies, head of education programmes at L-Acoustics, shared updates to the L-Acoustics Education Outreach Programme. Then, Damien Juhasz, application project engineer APAC, introduced the technical referents to L-Acoustics' latest range of products. Montignies explains: “At L-Acoustics, our global education programme is essential. It allows us to keep our certified provider partners and their dedicated engineers up to date with our products and technologies to offer the best quality of service to their end users.”

All L-Acoustics certified providers receive official training from L-Acoustics. This ongoing training ensures that partner engineers are as well-trained as L-Acoustics application engineers and that they deliver the same quality to clients around the globe.

Day two began with Juhasz delving into the best practices on project delivery and support between partners and an L-Acoustics application engineer such as himself, as well as running through the efficient methods when implementing an L-Acoustics ecosystem. For the rest of the day, Montignies, along with Alvin Koh, director of application APAC, and regional application engineers Chung Wah Khiew and Frieda Lee, spoke about a range of updates to processes in 3D room modelling, line source optimisation, Milan-AVB products, system calibration in LA Network Manager and third-party control.

Alvin Koh also presented L-Acoustics software platforms such as Soundvision, hardware engines like the P1 processor, and L-Acoustics’ range of amplified controllers: “We have all these amazing tools for designing and calibrating the best sounding systems, but it does not just stop at releasing them. Training our partner engineers allows for optimal operation of these excellent resources.”

On the final day, Montignies tutored participants on the workflow of tuning a system using the M1 suite of measurement tools. Adapting calculations and measurements from the P1 processor to the M1 software, he demonstrated how an L-Acoustics system is calibrated to achieve optimum sound coverage for any project. Montignies then delved into immersive audio with L-ISA in a live sound setting. Next, Alvin Koh illustrated specific L-ISA features, such as preparing spatial fills for object-based mixing. Damien Juhasz then capped the day with a demonstration of how L-ISA's Ambiance virtual acoustics system captures the acoustic energy of a space and transforms it through the spatially aware L-ISA Room Engine.

Participating engineers brainstormed ideas for potential forthcoming projects and asked questions of L-Acoustics application engineers who shared their insights and suggestions.

“Our R&D team regularly releases robust updates to all our premium offerings, so we must consistently train our partners. Keeping them up to date and offering our technical support ensures they can be confident with L-Acoustics products and technological advancements. It is invaluable when they propose an L-Acoustics system to clients worldwide,” concludes Zhou. “I think our partners are as pleased as we are to do this training again in a face-to-face setting.”

12th September 2022

Hands-on higher education key to employability

Hands-on higher education key to employability
Hands-on higher education key to employability

UK – In a competitive job market, employers are increasingly looking for graduates with transferable workplace skills. Rachel Nicholson, head of institution at Backstage Academy, highlights the importance of hands-on learning for students in the creative industries.

Each year there is a new cohort of school-leavers and graduates trying to make an important choice that will determine their futures: which career path to follow and how to get there. Considering that the job landscape is constantly evolving, those pursuing higher education often wonder how they can ensure that what they choose to study will still be relevant in the future, and whether they'll be properly equipped for the working world once they graduate.

With this in mind many students, particularly those interested in pursuing careers in the live events and creative industries, are looking for higher education institutions that offer a diverse range of experiential education opportunities to not only equip them with a particular set of skills aligned to their field of interest, but also to ensure that their skillset is future proof.

Professional bodies and industry leaders often suggest there's a mismatch between the theoretical knowledge students acquire at university and the skills they need to succeed after graduation. The goal of most universities and colleges with a strong practical component is to address this mismatch by delivering early career professionals: creative and critical thinkers who possess the academic, practical, technical and applied skills required by industry. By enabling students to gain hands-on experience throughout their education, such institutions ensure students have a smooth transition to the working world.

While gaining in-depth knowledge of a core discipline and demonstrating the ability to learn is important, having employability skills tailored to their industry of choice is vital for graduates when entering the workforce. A key skill in virtually every industry is knowing how to use cutting-edge technology.

Rather than simply learning about various types of equipment and how it might be useful for different jobs, students are afforded extensive practical training and have the opportunity to learn about, use, and sharpen their technical skills while studying. This means when they transition to the workplace, they won't have to spend time learning how to physically operate equipment and tools on the job, as they will have already gained hands-on experience.

An example of this is virtual production, which has been a game-changer across various industries, and which can be found not just in film production, but in television, the music industry, advertising and even live events.

Virtual production is changing the way content is created, with Unreal Engine leading the charge. Originally a tool to design video games, its potential has been observed by stakeholders across many industries, as it allows creators to deliver stunning real-time content and experiences.

As virtual production becomes ever more popular there will be a high demand for expertise. Students in film production, television, advertising, as well as live events industries, with a strong foundation in the technology, will be ahead of the curve.

Through practical education, students have the opportunity to complete projects, engage with job-specific tasks, and learn specialised techniques under the direct supervision of active and experienced industry professionals. In the live events and creative industries these are usually not your everyday academics, but professionals at the top of their game. Under their tutelage, students get to create unique and ambitious projects that push the boundaries of creativity and expression.

Additionally, being taught by professionals who are active in the industry enables students to network from day one. In nearly every industry, a strong network can play a vital role in finding a job and building a successful career following graduation.

Students looking to pursue a creative career should seek out an institution with an immersive, hands-on approach which will accelerate talent development and equip them with real-world skills to catapult their careers once they graduate.

Backstage Academy is such an institution, located at Production Park, the world's premier campus for live events, film and TV and based in Yorkshire, the campus is like no other.

An international destination of choice for technically challenging live productions and home to a community of live events businesses, as well as six premier studios, it is the only place in the world where pioneering work is continually fed back into the educational ecosystem. Additionally, studying at Backstage offers students the exclusive opportunity to work with and learn from, leading designers, artists, technicians, producers and managers who all work on the Park.

Hands-on higher education key to employability Hands-on higher education key to employability

7th September 2022

Obsidian Control Systems to hold in-person training at Netherlands HQ 20-22 September

Obsidian Control Systems to hold in-person training at Netherlands HQ 20-22 September

The Netherlands – Obsidian Control Systems is hosting three in-person training sessions on the ONYX control platform at its European headquarters in Kerkrade, The Netherlands. The training sessions will take place 20, 21 and 22 September and will focus on Obsidian’s ONYX software while covering the DyLOS pixel composer, NETRON Ether DMX devices and Capture visualisation software.

The training will cover Beginner (20 September), Intermediate (21 September) and Advanced (22 September) levels, allowing anyone with or without ONYX experience to get a comprehensive understanding of the powerful software. The goal of the training is for lighting professionals to grow their knowledge base and improve their skills to become more effective and creative lighting programmers.

Each session will dive into the details of the ONYX platform, using an NX2 console in a hands-on approach to learning. With a variety of new features and improvements recently added to ONYX, DyLOS, NETRON and Capture, lighting pros are encouraged to take advantage of these training sessions to get the most out of the platform.

Users can register for one, two or all three sessions, depending on their needs and experience level. The training will be conducted in English and the cost per day is €249.00. Participants who attend all three days will receive an NX-DMX free upon completion of the course. Please note that while each session may offer some advice on creative programming techniques, the training does not teach lighting design skills.

Day 1: 20 September, 2022: Beginner

• ONYX console hardware overview

• Setting up a new show file

• Patching fixtures

• Selecting fixtures / Basic Command Line

• Storing presets and groups

• Recording Cues, Submasters, Playbacks, etc.

• Storing basic effects

• 2D plan layout

Day 2: 21 September, 2022: Intermediate

• Advanced Cue Concepts

• The ONYX FX System

• Showfile Management / Template show

• Updates

• Cloning

• Playbacks

• Customizing the console layout

• Advanced Command Line

• Intro to DyLOS

Day 3: 22 September, 2022: Advanced

• NETRON hardware overview

• Networking within ONYX

• Advanced 2D Plan

• Deep Dive into DyLOS

• Advanced Grouping Tools, Timings and Effects

• Macros and DMX Input

Obsidian Control Systems is committed to providing its growing user base with comprehensive ONYX console training and education and looks forward to meeting ONYX users for this comprehensive training.

For registration, please visit:

23rd August 2022


Rigging Team puts training in the spotlight with new initiative

Rigging Team puts training in the spotlight with new initiative

UK – A leading rigging specialist has revealed its new training scheme for those looking to establish a career in the live events sector.

As part of its plans to introduce new talent to the industry, Hertfordshire-based Rigging Team has announced the launch of its Entertainment Rigger Training Scheme.

Trainees will be provided with the necessary skills, knowledge, experience and confidence to enable them to undertake the role of an entertainment rigger and to achieve their National Rigging Certificate (NRC) Level 2 during the 30-month programme.

Adam Searle, managing director at Rigging Team, said: "We’re always eager to invest in what will be the next generation of people in our industry.

“Rigging Team is passionate about providing opportunities for young people and actively works to inspire individuals to not only exemplify our company values, but also to recognise and achieve their full potential.”

Jake Field, the first trainee hired for the scheme, said: “Having begun my training earlier this month, I’m looking forward to developing my experience and knowledge. I’m excited to be able to utilise my core skills and interests and am confident that Rigging Team is the best environment for me to further my career in rigging.”

The initiative has been introduced as part of Rigging Team’s long-term aim of developing new talent, particularly during what is a severe skills shortage within the industry.

The trainees will begin in the warehouse, familiarising themselves with the basics of rigging equipment and operations, then progress through the various departments before graduating to working independently on site as part of the team.

In addition to the foundations of rigging, the candidates will be given additional training in skills such as show automation, work at height and inspection of lifting equipment.

Upon completion, the trainees may be offered an opportunity to extend their training to gain further experience and skills in order to work towards their NRC Level 3.

Founded in 2010, Rigging Team works internationally, providing rigging and professional services to the live events, TV and film industries.

For more information about this opportunity, visit:

23rd June 2022