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Robe Supports UCI MTB XCO World Cup


disguise finalises AdMiRe research project with the European Union programme


Stage Precision and Neutral Human Announce Strategic Partnership


Christie acquires assets of Brass Roots Technologies


Robe UK Joins albert


Creative Technology Become First HOLOPLOT Partner in the UK


Claypaky launching CP Green – Spotlight on Sustainability Initiative to tackle the topic of sustainability with even greater focus


5 Star breaking mental health stigma


DirectOut partners with Densitron IDS to enable simplified touch control for PRODIGY series


NEXT-proaudio and NEXT Audiocom are now part of NEXT Audiogroup


Broadweigh Welcomes New Global Product Partners on Board


KLANG Announces Custom JH Audio Sharona Giveaway


It’s time to sign up for Backup’s free Mental Health First Aider courses


Atlona Appoints Mountain AV Marketing LLC as Commercial AV Manufacturer’s Rep for Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado


Pixotope Acquires TrackMen Real-time 3D Tracking Solutions


Follow-Me appoints Entedi as UK & ROI distributor


disguise honoured with Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation 2022


Ampetronic, World Leader in hearing assistance systems, wins Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2022


PMC Creates Dolby Atmos Cinema Demonstration Facility for Business Customers


DirectOut appoints Contact Distribution as Canadian Distributor


Renkus-Heinz Gears up for Further Expansion in Southern California and Southern Nevada


Audient Partners with Sonarworks to offer SoundID Reference Software to all Audient Customers


PMC Appoints SoundWare Media as its New Dealer


Backup joins forces with Big Drop


JBL Professional by Harman announces Extended Seven-Year Warranty for select Portable PA systems


Robe Supports UCI MTB XCO World Cup

Robe Supports UCI MTB XCO World Cup
Robe Supports UCI MTB XCO World Cup

Czech Republic – Robe was proud to a sponsor of the Nové Město na Moravě, Czech Republic, stage of the 2022 Mercedes-Benz UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, where one of the toughest parts of the XCO (cross country) course was designated “Rock ‘n’ Robe”, and Robe’s new Show Truck concept which provides a fully mobile studio space / meeting hub / demo area / roof deck, was also a major success, attracting some of the weekend event’s buzz and excitement.

“It was great to be back with a full audience this year,” commented Robe’s international marketing manager Pavel Nemec. “It gave us an opportunity to show our support for a fantastic sporting event, to have our branding visible everywhere and appreciate the performances of some of the best cycling athletes in the world, simultaneously demonstrating how our Show Truck can be provide a vibrant and practical event space, a public gallery and a VIP deck.”

Being involved in the event gave Robe the chance for prominent branding across national and international television and globally via the Red Bull livestream plus multiple social media channels, including those of the top riders from the 800 competitors who represented 37 countries.

Apart from all of that, the Robe team enjoyed some superlative adrenaline charged XCO cycling action throughout the three-day event.

It was the tenth time that Nové Město has hosted a stage of the UCI MTB World Cup, and the Czech course is well known for being one of the fastest, most ‘technical’ and difficult around the world. It is also a rider’s favourite and has been voted the ‘best XCO event’ nine times!

Changes in the course including to the “Rock n Robe” section, ensured seat-edge excitement for the 15,000 plus spectators who rocked up to witness the finals live-and-direct in person on the Sunday as well as the millions watching the live stream or sports and TV channels around the globe.

The 400 metre Rock ‘n’ Robe downhill section was filled with large boulders, rocks and other obstacles making it among the most demanding and dynamic parts of the XCO competition.

It was a place where anything could happen as riders negotiated their way through with many surprises! The Rock ‘n’ Robe run was flanked by seating tribunes packed to their 700-person capacity bringing extra energy and strategically placed Robe branding ensured that the company name was burned in to all the key shots from the prime camera positions in that location.

The top riders also had the Robe logo on their handlebars as part of the branding deal, giving further quality exposure especially when they posted across their own social channels and followings.

The Robe Show Truck which debuted at Prolight+Sound Frankfurt last month, was used with its ‘black box’ tent extension and hosted some important assorted workshops and presentations all linked to the cycling action.

These were lit with around 40 Robe moving light fixtures that are part of the truck’s current touring lighting rig.

“I had lots of feedback about the great atmosphere in and around the truck,” remarked Pavel. The truck is one of the new and exciting ways in which Robe is bringing its innovation, energy and good vibes to a diversity of events and locations in Europe throughout the summer.

The black box was used as a gallery space to display iconic photos from Czech cycle racing and sports photographer Michal Červený. He has documented the Nové Město race over the last ten years as well as other high profile cycling events worldwide including the famous and gruelling Cape Epic event in South Africa.

Several related events staged in the Robe Show Truck included two talks, one on Saturday evening by famous Czech travel writer, car enthusiast and TV personality, best known as ‘Expert Pepa’ for his automotive programmes and as the host – along with his whole family – of popular travel programme, “Daddy on The Way”.

The presentation slides, graphics and video visuals were delivered by Robe’s Pro Motion moving projector fixtures.

The second discussion event focused on this year’s Cape Epic race in South Africa, with leading Czech riders Martin Stosek, Kristian Hynek and Petr Vakoc who are among the best World Marathon and Cape Epic riders. As they shared their experiences, they were also joined by Michal Červený who has captured all the drama and thrills-and-spills of the race on camera.

“It was fantastic to unite these different communities of travel, cycling and sports under one roof in our truck,” notes Pavel, and all these additional activities taking place in Robe’s Show Truck enabled guests to enjoy and maximise their time at the event.

Warm weather and stunning sunshine throughout the weekend saw the Show Truck’s roof terrace become a very popular VIP platform. Located close to the XCO race start and finish lines, this offered a great vantage point from which to experience the excitement of the racing at these key points.

Joining everyone on the terrace Saturday morning was Robe sponsored Olympic champion Czech snowboarder and alpine skier Ester Ledecká, who took time out for an ‘auto-gramming' session with fans and visitors as well as watching some of the races. Her father Janec Ledeky is a famous Czech singer and musician so there are many crossovers and interconnections with the professional entertainment industry.

“The weekend was a lively mix of sports and other adventure-based activities and a great opportunity to get Robe’s name out there as well as the chance to enjoy some incredible sport,” concludes Pavel.

Reigning Olympic XCO champion Tom Pidcock from the UK won the Elite Men’s race with Australia’s Rebecca McConnell storming across the line first in the Elite Women’s race in a third successive XCO win.

In picture: Michal Cerveny in the Robe black-box gallery

photos: Jan Brychta and Michal Cerveny

24th May 2022

Robe Lighting

disguise finalises AdMiRe research project with the European Union programme

disguise finalises AdMiRe research project with the European Union programme


UK – disguise, the visual storytelling platform and market leader for extended reality (xR) solutions has announced its successful participation in AdMiRe, a collaborative research project designed to help develop new solutions for Mixed Reality (MR) technology.

AdMiRe (Advanced Mixed Realities) is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 952027. In addition to disguise, the programme’s consortium includes Brainstorm, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Spain), Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (Switzerland), NRK Nirsk Rikskringkasting As (Norway), Premier Sports, Societatea Romana De Televiziune (Romania) and the Spanish National Research Council.

The main mission of AdMiRe is to research, validate and demonstrate innovations for MR pipelines with the goal of enabling a new level of interactivity in TV programmes, thereby enhancing the audience’s feeling of immersion and making broadcast content more engaging. AdMiRe also seeks to develop MR and xR workflows that radically improve how live-action talent interacts with CG elements on set in a realistic, hybrid environment where virtual and physical components blend seamlessly.

disguise’s contribution focused on prototyping innovative features in its xR workflow to substantially increase efficiency and facilitate the creation of high-quality in-camera visual effects. This will empower better performances from talent interacting with and immersed in believable and captivating virtual environments. It will also enable creatives to deliver more innovative and engaging content while substantially reducing production and post-production costs. The research also investigated further democratising of these new technologies.

The European Commission’s Innovation Radar has identified disguise as a ‘key innovator’ and will feature the innovations developed in the AdMiRe project on their platform amongst the most impressive technological and scientific advances being delivered by researchers and innovators around Europe.

disguise researchers focus on the challenges of machine learning, computer vision, graphics and classical algorithm design from the ground up. Using a complete end-to-end workflow of devising project proposals, finding and working with other world-leading partners and delivering significant state-of-the-art research that goes beyond incremental improvements, disguise research expertly crafts new approaches to solving difficult problems in the production space.

Through the two years of structured research at AdMiRe, disguise has not only generated fully working prototypes but also generated novel patents. The new features will make the disguise xR setup process even faster and easier and enable on-stage talent to physically interact with the virtual realm in real-time.

“Through the dedication and hard work of our team of researchers, we are so pleased with the outcome of this project. We can hardly wait to get these fantastic new workflows into the hands of our customers, both new and existing. Combining these features will make the whole disguise xR process of setup even faster and easier and enable the on-stage talent to physically interact with the virtual realm in real-time,” says Richard Sykes, lead software engineer at disguise

“Research-based collaborations like AdMiRe are invaluable opportunities for disguise to develop new prototypes and to experiment in new and wider scenarios. These programmes allow us to peek around corners that don’t exist yet and test what the future of technology might look like while capitalising on this knowledge to ensure that our products are always at the forefront of innovation,” says Sara Coppola-Nicholson, head of the research programme at disguise

Upon conclusion of the AdMiRe research project, disguise has been awarded a new grant as part of the EU’s Horizon 2020 Programme.

This grant will fund further research with AdMiRe partners Brainstorm and Spain’s Universitat Pompeu Fabra, as well as new collaborators. Commencing in September 2022, the 30-month project, known as “MAX-R,” will create new pathways to advance innovation in xR with the aim to launch an entirely new era in the production, distribution and enjoyment of creative media.

“disguise’s mission is to be one step ahead and push the boundaries: always looking for new ideas, collaborating with knowledgeable partners and creating best-in-class solutions. AdMiRe has led to the development of prototypes that will carve out a new path for mixed reality technology. With MAX-R kicking off later this year, we continue our mission to develop tools that deliver a new era of extended reality production, helping both existing clients and new users. This is all a continuation of our mission to allow people to tell their stories in the most compelling and immersive way,” says disguise CTO Ed Plowman.

24th May 2022

Stage Precision and Neutral Human Announce Strategic Partnership

Stage Precision and Neutral Human Announce Strategic Partnership
Stage Precision and Neutral Human Announce Strategic Partnership

Innovative tracking software, Stage Precision (SP), and technical business development specialist, Neutral Human, have announced their strategic partnership alongside the launch of Stage Precision to the wider market.

SP is an independent data and control platform that enables users to build complex control-systems and previsualise or pre-programme technological workflows for the global live events market.

“The industry’s creative technologists have adopted SP as part of their trusted workflows. It has enabled the high-end projects to develop with pioneering complexity, so now it’s time for the wider industry to discover such this ground-breaking tool,” said Neutral Human’s founder, Sarah Cox.

“What drew me to working with SP is the fact that the product is community-led. Its development comes from working alongside its user base on real world challenges and finding solutions to those problems.”

SP keeps track of all position and control data around live events, broadcast, XR, VP, and installation projects, connecting devices between the digital and physical world through a unified 3D space.

“Essentially, it’s a user interface or a software that solves problems within interactive media installations and broadcast virtual production,” said SP managing director, Michael Giegerich, who also co-owns bright! studios.

It was while working under the auspices of bright! studios that the team identified the need for a specific 3D data management product while working at the coalface of visual design and technology for live events.

“In 2017, we were still working on the side of creative studios and workflow integrators and transitioning our pipelines from rendered content to real-time content. Also, with the evolution of positional data, we knew there was an untouched market with a lot of potential,” he explained. “The pandemic allowed us to not only further refine SP, it also allowed us to focus on the features necessary for virtual production. We now have the right workflows and plug-ins in place for this very specific market.”

A number of high-profile installations and events have already made good use of SP’s unique toolkit, including the Opening and Closing ceremony of the EXPO in Dubai, various XR and VP stages around the globe like the XR Stage at Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore, as well as last year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

“I see us as an enabler for this burgeoning side of the industry,” said Giegerich.

“In today's world, data is everywhere. It’s the foundation of everything we interact with. With our background in creating live shows, we have experienced first-hand the complex challenges with the many places data can be produced. With SP we are focused on simplifying the user experience.

“When I heard that Sarah was starting out with her new company, I called her two minutes later. There is no one as well connected with such a deep technical understanding of the industry. I knew she was the perfect person to help SP move into this next phase.”

“I was super excited when Michael called,” said Cox. “I’ve worked with him and his team, even before SP, and have watched the company develop over the years. The world of live events is interconnected with other markets like corporate, education or immersive media, and so far the big missing part has been the data and how to handle it between the digital and physical world.

“We hope that people will soon become aware that SP is a very practical tool that can make all these new technologies easier to apply in real world productions, leaving creatives and technicians with the time and space to focus on what they do best; creating spectacular experiences.”

photo: Nathan Reinds

19th May 2022

Christie acquires assets of Brass Roots Technologies

USA – Christie has announced its acquisition of assets from Brass Roots Technologies LLC, an Allen, Texas-based technology innovation company specialising in consulting and the engineering design of advanced optics and electronics for high-performance display and imaging systems. All current employees of Brass Roots Technologies have transferred to Christie and the operations will remain in Allen, Texas under the Christie name.

“The purchase of Brass Roots Technologies’ assets will help diversify and advance Christie’s own engineering capabilities,” said Zoran Veselic, president and chief technology officer, Christie. “We welcome Brass Roots Technologies’ talented engineers and design team, who will join our existing teams to explore future technologies together.”

Since its inception in 2009, Brass Roots Technologies has continually been at the forefront of innovation, developing critical technologies that advanced imaging and display solutions to an entirely new level. The company provides system-level perspective, custom engineering design services and licensed IP technology. Its expertise is in developing differentiated solutions that integrate advanced optics, mechanics and electronics and has varied industry knowledge including video, entertainment, imaging, medical, telecommunications, and defence/military imaging.

By joining Christie, the Brass Roots Technologies staff will enhance the engineering offering with a skill set that includes system architecture, optical design and analysis, mechanical design, electronic hardware and FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) firmware design, software development, in house CNC fabrication, prototype assembly and functional tests and verification. The team’s experience also includes DLP, LCD and LCoS projection systems, LED video walls, digital projection optical systems based on lamps, LED, laser phosphor, and laser illumination, lenses and ultra-high frame rate projection.

Frank Poradish, founder, Brass Roots Technologies, adds: “We are honoured to join Christie in this merging of the minds. We have collaborated with Christie since the start of our business more than 13 years ago, and there is no better fit for us. The synergies between the two organisations will contribute to growing Christie and add to its technology capacity both in the labs and in engineering resources.”

18th May 2022

Robe UK Joins albert

Robe UK Joins albert

UK – Robe UK has joined the ‘albert’ Initiative: a UK-based BAFTA (British Academy Film & Television Arts) owned and industry run organisation which is dedicated to raising awareness and empowering professionals and companies working in film, television, commercial and other screen-based media productions to operate as sustainably as possible.

One of its aims is to build an accredited network of equipment suppliers and as a lighting supplier to many rental companies active in these sectors, Robe UK appreciates the value of the albert Initiative’s work as a broader part of the entertainment technology industry.

BAFTA highlights two key responsibilities in helping to reverse climate change, firstly making changes to its own working practices and Awards ceremonies (it hosts the high-profile annual BAFTA Awards celebrating the best British and international contributions to film) and to support and inspire all screen industries as they transition towards a Net-Zero future through albert.

As a brand, Robe has been committed to producing and promoting more environmentally friendly professional lighting products for several years, both in the products themselves and in the production process.

Supporting the albert Initiative underscores this commitment right now and looks to the future.

“It will help accelerate spreading the message about slowing and stopping climate change on multiple levels and stress the importance of productions being carbon neutral. Having information about where they can source products and technology to help achieve this goal is a vital resource,” commented Dave Whitehouse, Robe’s theatre products manager.

Lighting has often been a massive consumer of electricity in any production, and with the recent advances, particularly in LED technology, switching to LED light sources has enabled a dramatic reduction in the energy needed to produce similar lighting effects.

Robe’s unique and patented Transferable Engine (TE) LED technology, designed, developed, patented and manufactured in the company’s own factory in Europe, is a hugely flexible concept offering the option of having different and interchangeable LED engines – high powered, high CRI, etc., – in the same fixture hardware, which can be quickly changed or ‘transferred’ in about six minutes.

TE puts the lighting fixture manufacturer in control of the LED engine and enables engines with different properties to be produced and fitted into the same fixture housings, prolonging the lifespan of the hardware by making it hugely more viable and versatile.

Engine properties, including longevity, enable supply and rental companies to get the most out of their LED light sources and this TE technology also addresses issues like cost, time, technological advancement, flexibility, predictable performance, and longevity.

Robe’s Transferable Engines are data capturing and self-referencing, so all the engine’s performance is available. This gives the performance predictability as the engines are transferred between luminaires, one of the advantages of ensuring longevity by owning the process.

Key to making more sustainable lighting choices is educating and training lighting practitioners about how much the best lighting working practices (lighting on site and in the studio in an energy efficient way) are fundamental to an understanding of how carbon neutrality can better be achieved.

albert is named after Albert Square, the central location for the BBC’s popular and long-running soap, EastEnders, which first broadcast in 1985. The albert footprint logo and 3-star albert certification is prominent at the end of the EastEnders credits, a level achieved in 2015 and maintained consistently since then reducing the carbon footprint of the show in multiple departments and helping to bring sustainability to the screen.

albert projects include Creative Energy, Screen New Deal, Creative offsets, Green Rider, albert Toolkit and many others, and the albert logo and accreditation is increasingly visible on the credits for productions including the news, documentaries, current affairs, soaps and dramas.

“All of these reasons and the proactivity of the organisation in promoting the need for carbon neutrality makes albert a great platform and service about which the whole industry should be aware,” concluded Dave Whitehouse who led the administrative process for Robe UK to become a member.

13th May 2022

Robe Lighting

Creative Technology Become First HOLOPLOT Partner in the UK

Creative Technology Become First HOLOPLOT Partner in the UK

UK – Creative Technology has announced its official partnership with HOLOPLOT, becoming the first UK partner of its revolutionary X1 Matrix Array solution.

Following several extremely well-received demonstrations of the mind-blowing audio system to select groups of clients in 2021, Creative Technology showcased this innovative audio technology to larger audiences last month as part of CTFest22, an annual in-house event at the company’s headquarters in Crawley.

“It’s hugely exciting to be become the first HOLOPLOT partner in the UK. HOLOPLOT takes a revolutionary approach to delivering audio for live events and installations which aligns seamlessly with Creative Technology’s mission of using innovative technology to create unforgettable experiences. The flexibility of the system is in my mind unmatched, the control that can be achieved with just one array is astounding.

“Our valued clients across all markets have shown a lot of interest in HOLOPLOT after a very successful demo week at our UK offices as a part of CTFest22 last month, as well as numerous demonstrations also having taken place across several of our other global locations including in Northern Europe and the US. As an international technology provider, the ability to add HOLOPLOT to our global inventory is something we are exploring with our audio teams and our clients, watch this space,” stated Mark Boden, head of audio at Creative Technology UK.

As well as opening new and exciting opportunities for enhanced audio across a multitude of live events, becoming a HOLOPLOT partner also opens new doors for immersive arenas within the systems integration sector of Creative Technology, with some never-seen-before projects set to take the industry by storm.

“From our first meetings Creative Technology immediately recognised the potential of our technology and its applications. As the first HOLOPLOT partner in the UK, Creative Technology will be able to extend their leading role in delivering game changing audio solutions for their clients’ ambitious projects.

“The X1 Matrix Array breaks new ground, widening the possibilities for the creation and delivery of transformative audio experiences thanks to the beam forming accuracy and 3D immersive field creation, which will provide multiple solution options across the different market sectors supported by Creative Technology. Very quickly both HOLOPLOT and Creative Technology recognised the opportunity in coming together and like us share the mindset of pushing the boundaries of what is possible in today’s live event environments,” said Ryan Penny, head of sales at HOLOPLOT.

In picture: Mark Boden and Ryan Penny.

13th May 2022

Claypaky launching CP Green – Spotlight on Sustainability Initiative to tackle the topic of sustainability with even greater focus

Claypaky launching CP Green – Spotlight on Sustainability Initiative to tackle the topic of sustainability with even greater focus

Eco-friendliness was not enough. Claypaky's objective is to design a brighter future by reducing its carbon footprint and increasing energy-efficiency. This is just the beginning, but the spotlight shows the way.

The carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions related to all the input and output of resources and energy used in the entire lifecycle of Claypaky products. As the climate is changing, it is fundamental to reduce the GHG emissions. To be aligned with the global objective of keeping the temperature rise below 1.5 °C, Claypaky has decided to accept this challenge!

Claypaky has already implemented several projects to reduce the environmental impact of its business activities. Here are just few examples:

  • Implementation of the Kanban control system into our manufacturing process to increase the efficiency of the operation and reduce waste.

  • Optimisation of the compressed air production and testing procedures leading to the reduction of the total electrical consumption and CO2.

  • Elimination of all solvent-based coloured ink on our product packaging.

  • Paperless operation in the production process and paperless fairs.

But this is only the starting point for a much bigger key company initiative.

Claypaky has launched a new company initiative “CP Green – Spotlight on Sustainability” to approach the topic of environmental sustainability with even greater focus and in a more systematic way.

To co-ordinate all the corporate initiatives, integrate them across the whole organization and secure the execution of the changes, a sustainability team, led by Claypaky Executive Andreas Huber has been formed.

“Sustainability became a high priority in Claypaky as we aim pioneering sustainable entertainment products and operations for a safe and better world, driving sustainability is a crucial part of fulfilling our company ambitions and goals.” Says Marcus Graser, Claypaky CEO.

“My mission is orchestrating the sustainability and environment activities and foster lasting connections across the company inspiring and engaging colleagues across the Claypaky organisation in their work to support the sustainability and environment activities,” says Andreas Huber. “I will listen to ideas from any colleague on how we can improve further.”

Thanks to co-operation with Spinlife, spinoff of the University of Padova, supporting Claypaky with the strategic environmental management and sustainability management techniques, a real scientific and strategic approach has been adapted in the project which is structured in three main phases:

  • Quantification of the current Carbon Footprint.

  • Definition and implementation of a multi-year strategic carbon management plan to reach Carbon Neutrality.

  • Definition of the concrete steps for the compensation and reduction of the company's Carbon Footprint.

In the first phases, the focus is on the quantification of current Carbon Footprint to understand the environmental hotspots and what are the efforts to improve the current situation. The impacts are going to be identified throughout the “Life Cycle Assessment” approach: an engineering methodology focusing on the quantification of the overall environmental impacts of a product or a process throughout its lifecycle according to internationally recognised standards.

After the analysis, the detailed carbon management plan will be defined with concrete measures on how to compensate, reduce and eventually neutralise the company’s carbon footprint. This will include both the purchase of carbon credits and actions aimed at a more sustainable management of the various activities linked to their value chain.

All of this will be done in compliance with the official ISO 14064-1 certification standard and with the support and validation of a third-party certification body. Claypaky is proud of being the industry pioneers in aiming for the certification!

“Working towards a climate neutral future is fundamental to pursue a sustainable development. Claypaky understood the urgency to act now and believes the best way to achieve this is by adopting a scientific approach to tackle climate change impacts of its activities so as to ensure real results are delivered. Spinlife is proud to contribute to this process and to independently support the company in achieving this ambitious goal,” says Prof. Alessandro Manzardo.

Spinlife, a spin-off of the University of Padova, guides public and private companies in analysing and implementing strategic and sustainable solutions adopting a scientific approach. It helps organisations and local communities in reinventing themselves, optimising their processes and certifying their progresses, creating a bridge between business and sustainability.

Flights are energy-intensive and depend on fossil fuels. These emissions from aircraft flights stay in the atmosphere longer. Because aircraft emissions are released high in the atmosphere, they have a significant impact on global climate change. To reduce the environmental impact and partially offset the emissions produced by the business travels, Claypaky has recently purchased 5.879 carbon credits supporting the Asahan 1 Hydroelectric Power Plant 2 x 90 MW, a run of river hydroelectric power project in North Sumatera Province developed by PT Bajradaya Sentranusa.

The Project is taking advantage of Asahan River that receives water from its natural source, Lake Toba. The objective of this Project is to supply zero emission energy to Sumatera Grid, a grid with relatively carbon-intensive electricity supply that is located in Sumatera island and currently has no interconnection with the grid in other islands for example Java and Kalimantan.

On top of that, Claypaky works on the new cartoon packaging to eliminate the usage of the polystyrene, leading to the reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions as the usage of the polystyrene has a significant impact on the global warming. Claypaky is also continuously looking for new ways on how to reduce the energy consumption. The production hall is about to be equipped with the modern energy efficient lighting as well as new laser cutting machines will be installed, leading to the further reductions of the electrical consumption and hence the CO2 emissions on site.

Claypaky believes that the way for a sustainable future goes through concrete commitments and transparency and will keep sharing the results along the way.

11th May 2022


5 Star breaking mental health stigma

5 Star breaking mental health stigma

UK – As one of Europe’s leading flightcase manufacturers, 5 Star Cases has been serving multiple industries for over 40 years with products that ensure safe and secure transport of vital goods around the world. From entertainment, medical and telecoms to motor sports, companies like Williams Engineering F1 Team, CPL, Terry Tew Sound & Light, LCA (Lights, Camera Action), 3D Productions, Allen & Heath, Martin Audio Ltd and others have entrusted 5 Star’s 75-strong team to deliver the packaging solutions they require to successfully run their businesses. For 5 Star, building a team who trust each other, lean on one another, and share common values has been its utmost priority right from the start. This also includes normalising discussions about mental health at work and breaking down barriers when it comes to the stigma of mental illness.

Rob, the company’s purchasing manager, started working at 5 Star over 20 years ago as a stores operative. Over the years, he had held several positions and is currently responsible for developing purchasing strategies and maintaining positive relationships with suppliers like Penn Elcom. Rob has been instrumental in advancing the company’s success and materialising his own professional aspirations, which would not have been possible without strong support from the team. “Just the fact that I'm still here (and happy) after 26 years’ service says it all really,” smiles Rob. “Building authentic human connections is one of the things that has kept me with this 5 Star for over two decades. The openness and mutual respect we share for one another is so important.”

According to 5 Star’s accounts and HR manager Kirsty Locks, authentic human connections need to start with treating every member of the team as an individual and ensuring everyone feels that they belong. “This is what creates true diversity and inclusion, and that’s why we’ve been so passionate about advocating this within our team,” says Kirsty. “For everyone to feel they belong, this also means being vulnerable at times, which is why we have been integrating mental health and well-being services within our workplace to keep employees happy and in a healthy state of mind.”

The company has taken some important steps to ensure the mental well-being of its workforce is being looked after. “We’ve always known how important our staff’s mental well-being is, but during the pandemic we realised just how vital it is, so we did something more about it. We signed up for The Healthy Workplace, funded by Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council and delivered by Everyone Health Ltd. The Healthy Workplace service supports workplaces across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough to improve the health and well-being of their employees. 5 Star is also running an EAP (Employee Assistance Programme) in partnership with Peninsula and Health Assured, which includes mental and well-being support for all employees and their families, including phone and face to face appointments,” Kirsty explains.

Dan, a paint sprayer at 5 Star, has been working at the company for the past seven years and has been suffering with mental health problems in recent years. By sharing his story with other members of staff and being open about his condition, Dan’s story not only resonated with many other people and unleashed a flood of support, but it also signalled to everyone that it was OK not to be OK.

“5 Star has been really understanding and supportive with my problems, offering help and advice any time I need it. I’ve never worked at a place that is this caring to its employees. The management and the floor staff have always been there for me and offered a non-judgemental space, empathy and reassurance which made coping with life’s challenges just that little bit easier for me,” shares Dan.

With the addition of its new wooden packing crates, 5 Star has been further growing its staff, with one of the newest members of the team, Ian, joining just seven months ago starting as a CNC operator and newly promoted to department supervisor after undertaking some intensive training.

“Even though I have been working at 5 Star for only a few months, I have already had the opportunity to learn new skills and been made to feel a valued member of a team whose hard work and efforts are appreciated. I can also see some very real opportunities for career advancement here at 5 Star which is something that definitely keeps me motivated. The other area that is equally important is the fact that the company cares so much about people’s mental health and well-being. We have dedicated mental health first aid trainers here at the premises, so if I feel I need to talk to someone I know where to go. This is one of the best companies I’ve worked for in a long time,” says Ian.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has really shown us how important it is to see our team as individuals with their unique talents, needs and challenges,” Kirsty concludes. “Attracting new talent is much more about listening to them and understanding who they truly are than just looking at their qualifications and experience. Open and friendly discussion about well-being and mental health in the workplace is essential to building a strong team of individuals. We want our employees to be the best version of themselves.”

9th May 2022

5 Star Cases

DirectOut partners with Densitron IDS to enable simplified touch control for PRODIGY series

DirectOut partners with Densitron IDS to enable simplified touch control for PRODIGY series

In co-operation with the British manufacturer of touch-based display solutions Densitron, DirectOut is offering new control options to customers of its modular PRODIGY series. Users gain fast and intuitive access to selected parameters of modular audio converter, PRODIGY.MC and the multi-function audio processor, PRODIGY.MP.

By integrating the PRODIGY control protocol within Densitron's IDS display and control systems, access to the PRODIGY series is greatly simplified and its range of applications significantly extended towards installation applications.

Alexandra Jakins, sales executive at Densitron IDS stated: "Our flexible, network-based UI system TS10 is based on a 10.1 inch touch screen, which complements the PRODIGY series wherever direct access to the DirectOut devices is required to simplify more complex workflows within the PRODIGY devices. We see studio applications in the broadcast sector in particular here, as has already happened at the BBC, among others."

DirectOut CEO, Jan Ehrlich adds: "We ourselves are able to map the extensive functions and processes that the PRODIGY series brings with our globcon user interface. globcon is a powerful tool and makes the PRODIGY series a powerful overall system for signal conversion, routing, monitoring and processing. However, some of our customers also want the option of having direct access to individual, selected functions and parameters at user level in a clear manner."

Thus, the integration into Densitron IDS allows the parallel operation of PRODIGY products via a second layer regarding input and output trim and gain, routing, signal monitoring as well as the simple loading of stored snapshots via touch.

In addition to the focus on studio applications in broadcasting, the extended operability of the DirectOut PRODIGY series via Densitron IDS enables above all simple and intuitive operation of the hardware in fixed installations, for example in stadiums and arenas, corporate installations, theatres and concert halls.

During this year's Integrated Systems Europe in Barcelona, DirectOut will present a fully functional demo system at booth 7K220.

9th May 2022

NEXT-proaudio and NEXT Audiocom are now part of NEXT Audiogroup

NEXT-proaudio and NEXT Audiocom are now part of NEXT Audiogroup

In order to provide a better and more efficient service to the partners, NEXT-proaudio and NEXT Audiocom will be integrated on the new web platform – NEXT Audiogroup.

NEXT Audiogroup belongs to CVA Eletronica Lda, a professional manufacturer based in Portugal, developing, designing, producing and distributing audio equipment since 1986. With a long history on the audio industry, the company was founded in 1986 and it is currently exporting to over 45 countries.

“We've created the new brand NEXT Audiocom internally in 2019 and we have been developing it since that moment. This is part of a plan to cover a different market segment knowing that the home and commercial audio sector has grown consistently over the past years. After the official brand launch in April 2021, we immediately started the process to have both brands, NEXT-proaudio and NEXT Audiocom under the same umbrella. Although they remain two separate brands with different commercial conditions, both brands share the R&D department, sales team, logistics and now the same website and e-commerce platform,” said André Correia, NEXT Audiogroup manager.

The new web platform will allow the partners to have access to exclusive product details, downloads, stock and price information. Above all, this big step will allow the partners to place their orders directly on the platform saving time and bureaucracies.

To support this new step and thanks to the expansion plan and sales growth, a new logistics centre was built increasing the capacity in more than 75%, with 1500+ pallet spaces and more than 1,000 products immediately available.

The new website ( will be available from 9th May.

9th May 2022

Broadweigh Welcomes New Global Product Partners on Board

Broadweigh Welcomes New Global Product Partners on Board

Worldwide – Broadweigh is continuing to build on its global reputation as the leading load monitoring brand, by expanding its network of product partners around the globe.

At International, in the Republic of Korea, Concept Solutions in Austria, Espais I acrobacia in Spain, Rise Equipment in Australia and Showtechnix in New Zealand, will join the growing group of trusted partners across the world who can provide load cells for short term rental projects or sell Broadweigh kit, while also providing customer support. Broadweigh currently has 38 product partners all around the world.

Robert Wilmington Badcock, MD, Mantracourt Electronics, which designs and manufacturers Broadweigh’s load monitoring solutions said: “We are delighted to welcome our new partners on board and to make Broadweigh available to end users in the entertainment technology sector, wherever they are. The industry is waking up to the fact that due diligence is vital and being able to provide accurate calculations and readings is imperative to the health and safety of audiences and performers. After a quiet few years, brought about by the pandemic, live events are back and Broadweigh kit is in demand.”

Trade shows are also back following a two-year hiatus and the Broadweigh team enjoyed a successful few days at Frankfurt last week. Elliot Van Laere, product specialist, Broadweigh commented: “It was great to be back on the trade show circuit. It gave us the opportunity to meet up with multiple product partners and have really engaging conversations. A special mention goes to PSRIG and Hof Alutec for their impressive displays of Broadweigh kit. It was great to catch up with the team at Actionlift and Rock Distribution as well as having some really promising conversations with some other companies that we hope to have on board soon.”

He added: “Our product partners help enhance the Broadweigh brand; as trusted names within the industry, their customers rely on them to provide only the best equipment for the job. In return, we offer our partners all the support they need, as well as working with them to create a ‘wish list’, if you like, of features that their customers would like to have at their fingertips so that we can then feedback that information to our R&D department. This means that the products we then bring to market are the ones that the customers want, not just what we think they want. They ask and we listen!”

6th May 2022

KLANG Announces Custom JH Audio Sharona Giveaway

KLANG Announces Custom JH Audio Sharona Giveaway

Germany – Hot on the heels of the recent launch of JH Audio’s brand new flagship in-ear monitor, the Sharona, KLANG:technologies now reveals that it will soon be giving away five custom KLANG-branded pairs of the latest JH Audio IEM model for free following a month-long contest.

To enter the giveaway, contenders will need to take or find their favourite photo of themselves with any KLANG product, then simply go online to and upload the image. The competition closes at 11:59pm (GMT) on Friday, 3 June, at which point five lucky winners will then be chosen from the images received, with the announcement of the Sharona recipients being revealed on Friday, 1 July.

“Having the best in-ear monitor sound is key to having the best live performance, which is why KLANG’s immersive processing power and JH Audio’s experience in delivering pristine audio quality are a perfect match,” says KLANG CEO Roman Scharrer. “With over 25 years of experience in manufacturing the finest high-end in-ear monitors, Jerry Harvey Audio is one of the best known companies and innovators in the field of IEMs, and we’re excited to give five of our customers the thrilling opportunity to shout, ‘M-m-m-my Sharona!’”

The left earpiece of this extremely-limited run of only five custom pairs features a silver KLANG “G” over a striking purple sparkle finish, while the right earpiece shows JHA’s “flygirl” logo, also in silver, on a black sparkle surface.

Boasting JH Audio’s first-ever 16-driver configuration with a true four-way integrated crossover, Sharona features the all-new Knowles RAU Quad Supertweeter, which produces an extended treble response starting where most balanced armature drivers roll off (12kHz) and pushes out to 25kHz. Combining the punchy low end of the Layla with the smooth mid-range growl of the Roxanne, the newest IEM offers a highly accurate, well-rounded sonic signature. The addition of the RAU delivers expansive stereo imagery full of depth and width while creating more air for high-range reproduction. Paired with Freqphase and Acoustic Sound Chamber, Sharona is fully loaded with JH Audio's industry-leading technology and built for life on the road.

6th May 2022

It’s time to sign up for Backup’s free Mental Health First Aider courses

It’s time to sign up for Backup’s free Mental Health First Aider courses

UK - Backup has announced the next round of its Mental Health First Aider Courses, which are free to all freelance crew via the AJ Bursary. They will take place on 25th and 26th May, 23rd and 24th June, and 13th and 14th July and now follow a two-day format to accommodate freelancers’ busy schedules. The courses are once again generously sponsored by Unusual Rigging in memory of Alan Jacobi, who was a long serving and valued Backup Trustee and provided by fellow industry charity, Music Support, as an MHFA England Instructor Member.

We all have mental health, just as we all have physical health. Just as you can become physically unwell, mental ill health can strike at any time and can affect people from all walks of life. Although things are improving, stigma still exists around mental ill health. As a society, we don't tend to know how to take care of our mental health as we do our physical health. This means that people may not know how to support a friend, family member or colleague experiencing a mental health issue, or where to go for support with their own mental health.

During the course, you will learn how to recognise warning signs of mental ill health and develop the skills and confidence to approach, listen, reassure and respond, even in a crisis and, potentially, even stop a crisis from happening. What’s more, you will gain an understanding of how to support your own positive well-being and tackle stigma in the world around you.

“Music Support is proud to once again be working in partnership with Backup to equip production and technical freelance workers with vital skills and tools that are enabling industry peers to support themselves and others affected by mental health conditions,” says Music Support chief executive, Eric Mtungwazi. “Some great work has already been done in our sector, but there is still some way to go before mental health has parity of esteem in the workplace. It is imperative that we continue to develop an industry-wide community that promotes prevention, encourages early intervention and a supportive workplace for all workers. Our goal is that all offices, venues, and tours have Mental Health First Aiders on site. We can only achieve this by working together with partners like Backup and welcome others to get involved too.”

“This course has given me a 'toolbox' not just for helping others, but also for helping myself. It's also busted some myths and misconceptions I held around mental health, and I feel more confident knowing the facts,” says Claire Heat, Elton John and Band / VIP manager who has taken this valuable training. “I'm so grateful to the charitable support that made it possible to do this course for free and of course to Hannah, our tutor, and my fellow 'students' for their trust, honesty and openness throughout the delivery of the course. I hope that, as a result of the course, I am better able to spot the signs of those who may be struggling with their mental health.

“Being a member of a touring crew is an absolute privilege, but the long, unsociable hours and periods of time away from home, friends and family can be difficult sometimes. I hope many more people will become Mental Health First Aiders to ensure that we are as equipped as we can be, to look out for and look after each other, whether at home or out on the road.”

“Backup’s remit is to support the welfare of our technical community and is here to help if colleagues are in a dark place whether because of mental health issues, hardship, injury or illness,” concludes Backup chairman, John Simpson. “One of Backup’s missions is to ensure that there will always be one trained Mental Health First Aider crew member for every 20 crew, no matter what the event is or the size of the whole crew. We had a wonderful response to the first round of courses and hope that these will prove equally successful.”

If you are a touring or production business, why not discuss this with your freelance teams and recommend they get trained and apply, it could save a life, and don’t forget, it’s free!

For more details and to sign up for an MHFA course / Backup’s AJ Bursary click here and help support your industry colleagues on your next job.

5th May 2022

Atlona Appoints Mountain AV Marketing LLC as Commercial AV Manufacturer’s Rep for Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado

USA – Atlona, a Panduit company, has named Mountain AV Marketing LLC as its manufacturer’s representative for Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado, effective immediately. In these regions the firm, based in Phoenix, AZ, will focus mainly on the commercial traditional AV channels and will strengthen Atlona’s presence in the corporate, government, and higher education markets.

Mountain AV Marketing was founded by Chris Henley, who serves as principal at the company. As an Atlona partner, Henley sees considerable potential to both expand Atlona’s regional visibility and build his business, especially given the manufacturer’s focus on AV over IP. “AV over IP technology is fast becoming the de facto solution for so many projects,” he said. “With Atlona and its OmniStream product line, we can offer integrators proven technology that stands up to the demands of networked AV for enterprise and campus-wide signal routing and distribution.”

Henley’s nearly 30 years of commercial AV experience includes successes as an independent manufacturer’s representative as well as AV systems integrator. These diverse professional experiences are a natural fit for Atlona and its end customers, as Henley brings strong insider knowledge of the AV design and integration process. He adds that his clients also appreciate his hands-on approach to learning, in detail, the technology he represents.

“There is a real benefit understanding what the end customer’s schedule looks like and how partner can best support their timelines for delivery and installation,” said Henley. “They can also trust that I’m bringing them a manufacturer in Atlona that will respect the timelines we have set. My goal is to help my customers understand how a specific piece of gear or software will work in a larger system, which is why I spend time learning how new technologies function in real-world environments.”

Henley is in fact already deep into self-education on the Atlona product line. He is now attending Atlona Academy, the company’s online training platform, to earn his certification on Atlona’s Velocity control, room scheduling, and asset management system. He is also in regular contact with his regional Atlona representative to remain up to date on the company’s latest technologies. “It’s important for me to bring as much value as I can to my clients, and Atlona’s commitment to providing me with the resources to do so makes for a great partnership.”

“Chris Henley brings serious AV pedigree to our partner network on behalf of Mountain AV Marketing, which has a reputation for carefully choosing the manufacturers they represent,” said Adam Griffin, director of sales and business development, North America, Atlona. “Our customers can rest assured that Chris’ dedication and expertise will provide AV integration customers with the ideal solutions for their AV projects. It’s for these reasons that Atlona is proud to welcome Mountain AV Marketing to help grow the Atlona brand across this region.”

28th April 2022

Pixotope Acquires TrackMen Real-time 3D Tracking Solutions

Pixotope Acquires TrackMen Real-time 3D Tracking Solutions

Germany – Pixotope Technologies AS has announced the acquisition of Cologne-based TrackMen Gmbh, the expert one-stop-shop for real-time 3D camera and talent tracking in the media industry for 25 years.

The acquisition is a major step forward for the media industry, bringing together a complete virtual production platform, including graphics, camera tracking and talent tracking into a single product. This will make it easier than ever for artists to successfully match the virtual camera to the real camera in virtual production scenarios – absolutely critical for achieving the hyper-realistic visuals audiences demand.

“We’re incredibly proud to announce the integration of TrackMen solutions into the Pixotope product portfolio,” says Marcus Brodersen, Pixotope CEO. “Camera tracking is reported as one of the major barriers to the adoption of virtual production. The native integration of TrackMen's powerful tracking into Pixotope's end-to-end VP solution will make virtual production accessible to more users by leveraging the technical expertise of TrackMen alongside the usability for which Pixotope is known to create a true turnkey solution for virtual production. By integrating camera tracking into our graphic tools, we are taking a quantum leap forward in making virtual production more accessible to media creators.”

Founded by Thorsten Mika and Hendrik Fehlis, TrackMen has carved out a unique position in the market as the only vendor that offers a range of real-time 3D camera and talent tracking solutions that covers all types of production based on a common software platform. Through the global Pixotope sales, support and customer success teams, existing Pixotope customers around the world will be able to easily incorporate these industry-leading tracking solutions into their workflow.

“At TrackMen our passion has always been innovating and engineering the best possible tracking solutions,” comments Thorsten Mika, managing partner of TrackMen Gmbh. “In joining the Pixotope team, we’re able to devote our collective resources and areas of expertise to the continued evolution of virtual production tools with educational programmes and services that enable media professionals to successfully embrace the enormous creative opportunities this technology has to offer.”

As part of the acquisition, TrackMen solutions will be rebranded over the next several months to become Pixotope Tracking. In addition, the whole TrackMen team will be integrated into the global Pixotope organisation with Thorsten Mika and Hendrik Fehlis leading the team in Cologne. This move will enable the TrackMen team to continue to develop and support the existing portfolio while also building the next generation of Pixotope tracking solutions.

Pixotope customers will continue to have the flexibility to choose the tracking solutions that make the most sense for their workflows. As an open Virtual Production platform, Pixotope will continue to integrate and support tracking and graphics solutions from other vendors as they do today.

26th April 2022

Follow-Me appoints Entedi as UK & ROI distributor

UK & Ireland – Follow-Me BV, manufacturer of remote followspot and performer tracking solutions, has announced a new partnership with entertainment technology distribution company Entedi.

Follow-Me recognises that the investments made by Entedi will provide a responsive and supportive structure for the market. Entedi will provide stock, demo systems, technical knowledge and sales experience for the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

London-based Collaborative Creations will continue to provide business development, technical support and training for Follow-Me within the new structure with Entedi, as the company has successfully done for the past two years.

Marc van der Wel, Follow-Me general manager, explains: “With Entedi we add to our network a strong and proactive partner with a proven track record, further developing the crucial UK and Irish markets for us.”

Entedi will be stocking the complete range of Follow-Me products, comprising the Follow-Me 3D TWO & SIX Systems. Follow-Me Systems are scalable, allowing remote manual tracking from one to six performers and from 12 fixtures to unlimited fixtures within one modular system. Follow-Me systems are extensible and designed to enable Follow-Me auto tracking with its range of capabilities and functionality.

Explaining his commitment with Follow-Me, Entedi managing director Cally Bacchus says: “Clients are looking for a remote control system which provides the reliability of a manual set-up, with no limitations on what they can use as their followspot. Follow-Me is intuitive to set up and provides a cost-saving element versus traditional systems. You can also use their auto tracking system that enables you to combine manual followspot and auto tracking from one system. This is very smart indeed.”

Collaborative Creations managing director Tom Wilkes comments: “Having worked with Follow-Me for the past two years, we’re delighted that they have now partnered with technical distribution company Entedi in the UK. It’s great to be working with Entedi to continue expanding the reach of this fantastic system.”

Follow-Me account manager Zoë Castle states: “Follow-Me has an international family of partners and customers. We pride ourselves on excellent communication, product development and technical support. All three companies are confident that this new partnership will offer the UK & ROI the perfect platform to ensure that current and new customers will all benefit when using Follow-Me Systems as their preferred solution for manual and auto tracking.”

To find out more about the latest developments in Follow-Me’s remote followspot and performer tracking solutions, visit the Follow-Me stand at Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt, Germany - Hall 12.1 C40. You can also visit our stand R-D04 at PLASA Leeds. At both shows, representatives from Follow-Me, Entedi and Collaborative Creations will all be available to support your manual and auto tracking needs.

22nd April 2022

disguise honoured with Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation 2022

disguise honoured with Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation 2022

UK – disguise, the visual storytelling platform and market leader in extended reality (xR) solutions, is one of 232 UK organisations to be awarded the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise Innovation this year.

disguise has been recognised for its excellence in extended reality (xR) and virtual production innovation at a time when the media and entertainment industry has been severely hit by the pandemic. Its solution, named disguise xR, provided groundbreaking technology that allowed its user and partner community to continue delivering spectacular productions in a virtual setting.

First established in 1965, the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are the most prestigious business awards in the UK. The awards celebrate the success of exciting and innovative businesses which are leading the way with pioneering products or services.

The award comes two years after disguise xR’s first major application by disguise partner and xR pioneers XR Studios, for Katy Perry’s memorable performance at the American Idol 2020 Finale. Since then, the demand and potential of xR has skyrocketed, in response disguise has accelerated its business towards new markets such as virtual production, broadcast and immersive entertainment, whilst unlocking new applications in existing markets like live performance, corporate presentations and brand activations.

During this time, extended reality has become a global phenomenon and disguise have powered over 450 productions around the world. The company gained a majority financial backing from The Carlyle Group and increased their partnership with Epic Games, a minority stakeholder in the company by securing one of their MegaGrants. Meanwhile, more than 300 stages powered by disguise xR have been built across 35 countries to meet the growing global demand for this groundbreaking technology.

Recently, disguise is driving the industry across the APAC region opening new offices in Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore and Auckland to meet rising regional demand. The opportunity that xR and disguise technology brings has led to a 75% increase in headcount across the business globally from 2018 to the end of 2020.

disguise is committed to continuously invest in R&D with a successful track record of hardware and software releases to support the industry push boundaries with every new production. The company recently acquired cloud-based solution platforms Mapping Matter, Previz and Polygon Labs to extend its capabilities towards remote collaboration. It has also recently offered access to its software interface in six new languages to empower its global user base to deliver ambitious productions removing any friction or language barrier.

“From a small experiment less than five years ago to the most prestigious business award in the UK today, this is truly a dream come true! disguise xR is the result of industry-wide collaboration as our team worked closely with our user community over the years to build out the most advanced and integrated extended reality solution on the market. I am incredibly proud of our team, their passion and dedication to continue pushing the boundaries of what disguise can achieve,” says disguise CEO Fernando Kufer.

22nd April 2022

Ampetronic, World Leader in hearing assistance systems, wins Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2022

Ampetronic, World Leader in hearing assistance systems, wins Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2022

UK – Ampetronic, a world leader in systems for hearing accessibility, has been honoured with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise. The prestigious Queen’s Award has been given to recognise Ampetronic’s strong and sustained growth in international trade.

Employing 50 people, Ampetronic is based in Newark, Nottinghamshire, and has been trading since 1987. Its mission is to bring intelligible sound back into the lives of people with hearing loss by improving the quality of installed hearing access equipment. The company produces a wide range of electronic products for hearing accessibility, primarily audio induction loop systems that can deliver sound direct to hearing aid users.

On winning the award Julian Pieters, managing director of Ampetronic said: “I am delighted Ampetronic has been recognised again with this important award. Particularly with the challenges of the last couple of years, we are proud to have sustained long-term strong growth in our export markets. It is particularly rewarding to be recognised for bringing much needed accessibility solutions to more and more people every year. Our success is testament to the passionate and dedicated team here at Ampetronic, and to our many partners who work so hard to represent us around the world.”
Now in its 56th year, the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are the most prestigious business awards in the United Kingdom.

21st April 2022

PMC Creates Dolby Atmos Cinema Demonstration Facility for Business Customers

PMC Creates Dolby Atmos Cinema Demonstration Facility for Business Customers

UK – UK loudspeaker manufacturer PMC has opened a new state-of-the-art home cinema within its Holme Court headquarters. Created to showcase the company’s dedicated installation loudspeakers, the 22 square metre cinema will be used to demonstrate to custom installation, retail and global distribution customers.

Conceived by Ian Sutton, director of PMC Distribution UK, the vision was to create a space in which PMC could invite its clients from around the world to experience the very best that can be achieved in a home cinema environment.

PMC is well known for its close involvement with the movie industry, designing the speakers that are used by the major studios to create the film soundtracks. The Emmy Award winning company has provided the sonic reference for Hollywood since 1991 and today is the reference standard for Dolby Atmos mixing suites around the world. The new Holme Court facility is the perfect place to demonstrate cinema sound for home installations, with the same stunning dynamics and awe-inspiring realism experienced in the leading studios.

To achieve this the company enlisted the services of Guy Singleton, owner of renowned and multi award-winning installation business, Imagine This.

Singleton’s role was to take over a space within the Georgian mansion that has been PMCs head office since 2014, and overcome the obstacles a building of this age presents to produce an acoustically and aesthetically perfect cinema space.

“We were working with a number of challenges during this design and build project,” says Singleton. “We had to overcome the issues presented by such things as traditional sash windows which vibrated with low frequencies and a large void under the floorboards that acted as a bass resonator. These were coupled with the global supply chain issues thrown up by the pandemic, which meant obtaining some materials proved to be very tricky.”

“But he managed it with astonishing results,” adds Ian Sutton. “We have a cinema space which is worthy of the superb new PMC Ci series speakers, that we can now show off in the kind of environment they were designed for.”

The build incorporates three of the flagship ci140 speakers plus two ci140 subs for the front LCR channel duties, mounted behind the acoustically transparent screen, in a very sturdy and inert baffle wall which is built to THX standards.

Surround duties, in the 9.1.6 cinema, are shared between six of the ci65 models for the walls, with six ci30s mounted in the ceiling for the height channels. And, while this is designated as a .1 LFE installation, there are actually three subwoofers in operation (in addition to the two ci140 subs). Two of the company’s active PMC SUB 2s are mounted in the front wall beneath the screen, with a passive XB3 mounted underneath the rear seating stage area.

Processing and power amplification comes from PMC Distribution UK’s long-term electronics partner, Bryston, with the company’s SP4 16-channel immersive theatre processor at the heart of the system. Amplification is provided by an array of Bryston amps, including the multi-channel 9B cubed.

Many other companies were involved in the supply of product for the PMC cinema and thanks must go to Barco for the Balder 4K Laser projector, Acoustic GRG Products for the acoustic treatment and fabric walls, Kordz for all of the cabling, Crestron for the control system and Acoustic Innovations for the luxurious cinema seating.

The PMC Cinema is now complete and will be welcoming its first trade visitors from the UK’s custom installation and retail sectors, and PMC’s overseas distributors very soon. It is also envisaged that end-users wishing to embark on a high-end cinema build of their own will be welcome to visit with their installers.

PMC Creates Dolby Atmos Cinema Demonstration Facility for Business CustomersPMC Creates Dolby Atmos Cinema Demonstration Facility for Business Customers

12th April 2022

DirectOut appoints Contact Distribution as Canadian Distributor

DirectOut appoints Contact Distribution as Canadian Distributor

Canada – German audio network and interconnectivity specialist DirectOut Technologies has announced the appointment of Contact Distribution as Canadian distributor.

Following the company's strategy to optimally serve all vertical markets and to guarantee its customers and users the best support, DirectOut has found a promising and very well positioned partner.

Jan Ehrlich, CEO and sales director of DirectOut comments: “Our clients, designers and users as well as our engineers, support staff and products all strive to offer the absolute best in the audio industry. Our global partners carry on that ideal and Contact’s 34-year history of servicing the top of the North American pro audio and broadcast industries is a perfect match. Contact’s expertise in digital audio networks and fibre-based solutions is exemplary and the ideal basis to take PRODIGY and our entire portfolio to the markets they were created for.”

Iconic industry standard models such as ANDIAMO converters, EXBOX compact audio interfaces, several sample rate converters and routing matrices provide control and connectivity, engineers cannot find in other brands. As such this expertise has led to the development and recent release of PRODIGY multi-functional multi-format converter and processor models.

Bill Coons, director of Contact comments: “DirectOut products and the people behind the brand are in the rarefied air where very few manufactures exist. Their precision and quality is virtually unrivalled. The mind-blowing capabilities of PRODIGY.MP processor version has now stunned the live production and integration markets in the same way the PRODIGY.MC conversion units astonished the global broadcast industry. These models in conjunction with globcon control software are the long-awaited universal solution every high-level audio system any application could ever reliably require.”

Prior to this appointment, in Canada DirectOut has established a solid list of leading edge, critical audio users such as CBC, Cirque du Soleil, Bell Media, Solotech as well as personal use by many of the country’s leading recording producers and engineers.

In picture: Vaino Gennaro (Contact), Luca Giaroli (DirectOut), Brandon Coons (Contact) and Bill Coons (Contact).

11th April 2022

Renkus-Heinz Gears up for Further Expansion in Southern California and Southern Nevada

Renkus-Heinz Gears up for Further Expansion in Southern California and Southern Nevada

USA – Underscoring its commitment to Southern California and Southern Nevada customers, Renkus-Heinz has announced its partnership with AVL rep firm, Audio Geer. The two Southern California-based companies will work in tandem to deliver outstanding sound solutions to integrators and audiences in the region.

Based in Foothill Ranch, California, Renkus-Heinz holds a global presence in permanent installations at auditoriums, transit centres, sports venues, houses of worship, musical performance venues and in the concert touring industry. Its technology portfolio features many robust product lines, including networkable Dante-enabled self-powered loudspeakers with end-user and integrator-friendly features.

“Renkus-Heinz technology is at the top of its class. The scaleability of the company and the solutions it provides are unmatched,” notes Alan Geer, president of Audio Geer. “From combinable array modules and matching subwoofers for large installations to compact steerable speakers for smaller spaces, I am confident Renkus-Heinz has a loudspeaker solution to meet the needs of our customers.”

Located in Huntington Beach, CA, Audio Geer is an independent manufacturer’s representative with more than 28 years in the professional audio, broadcast, live sound and integration markets.

“Working with a local firm means we can regularly connect to ensure the success of all parties involved. This new partnership with Audio Geer furthers our devotion to the ever-growing Southern California and Southern Nevada region,” notes Dudley McLaughlin, national sales manager at Renkus-Heinz.

“As a local AV rep firm, Renkus-Heinz spoke to us. Having the manufacturing warehouse in our backyard brings a sense of confidence to both our team and our customers,” adds Geer. “We are ecstatic to ignite this partnership and bring award-winning sound solutions to more customers in Southern California and Southern Nevada.”

“Alan and the team are delightful to work with and we couldn’t be happier to partner with Audio Geer to deliver the sound solution to more customers in the region,” said Garrison Parkin, western regional sales manager at Renkus-Heinz.


7th April 2022

Audient Partners with Sonarworks to offer SoundID Reference Software to all Audient Customers

Audient Partners with Sonarworks to offer SoundID Reference Software to all Audient Customers

Audient has announced a new addition to its Creative Hub, ARC: a six month SoundID Reference software licence, free of charge. Further enhancing the benefits available to current Audient and EVO owners who register their products, this offer is available immediately and is available for one year.

SoundID Reference software from Sonarworks helps create music that sounds great on phones, laptops, earbuds, or wherever else it’s played. It works by setting the frequency response of speakers and headphones to be completely flat across all audible frequencies, effectively eliminating all sound colouration. This then delivers consistently accurate studio reference sound across all speakers and headphones, so users can mix with confidence and make music that sounds great everywhere.

“Audient is delighted to partner with Sonarworks. The SoundID Reference software is pioneering in its field and perfectly complements the line-up of premium software offered on our ARC platform but most importantly, provides another powerful creative tool for customers to utilise when making music,” says marketing director Andy Allen. By registering their product on the website, every Audient user with a current product has access to a full range of free software which can provide a variety of enhancements to their recording, mixing and mastering experience, as well as education, absolutely free of charge.

Katrina Allikas, CMO at Sonarworks says: “We're excited to join the ARC programme to offer all its members to try out our speaker and headphone calibration software for six months for free. We understand how challenging it is for creators to introduce something new to their workflow and that it takes time to adjust to new setups, therefore we wanted to offer a possibility to fully experience the difference for a significantly longer time than our regular trial. Audient and Sonarworks are all about simplifying things for creators so we hope that with this partnership we will offer more possibilities for young creators to make better music faster and with fewer technical hurdles.”

Sonarworks joins Produce Like A Pro, Two notes, Waldorf Audio, M-Tron, Loopcloud and Steinberg on Audient’s Creative Hub ARC, providing a comprehensive range of software and offers from some of the industry’s leading innovators.

6th April 2022

PMC Appoints SoundWare Media as its New Dealer

PMC Appoints SoundWare Media as its New Dealer

Spain – UK loudspeaker manufacturer PMC has appointed SoundWare Media to represent its range of professional audio monitoring products throughout Spain.

Based in Madrid, the company specialises in audio and already handles high end brands such as Avid Pro Tools and Audinate. Part of the Danmon Group of companies, SoundWare Media was established in 2018 as a sister company to Datos Media, a leading provider of video and IT equipment for the broadcast and video post-production markets.

As an official PMC dealer, SoundWare Media will handle and promote the company’s complete professional range including the recently launched PMC6, PMC6-2 and PMC8-2 models. These compact, state-of-the-art near-and midfield monitors, the result of five years of intense research and development and are already redefining the listening experience for every audio professional, whether they are working in stereo or large-scale immersive formats.

Dan Zimbelman, PMC’s senior export business development manager, says: “SoundWare Media are an excellent company with the contacts, local knowledge and experience to help PMC expand its business in Spain. They have hit the ground running with several high-profile orders already completed and we look forward to a long and successful ongoing relationship.”

SoundWare Media’s business manager Gabriel Albornoz (pictured) adds that he is delighted to be working with one of the best and most well-respected monitor manufacturers in the world.

“When you see, touch and listen to a PMC speaker you realise the amount of effort that has gone into engineering, industrial design, materials, drivers, etc,” he says. “Also, the use of the ATL transmission line to manage bass energy shows that PMC wants to go one step beyond by discarding more standardized technologies that are common among most speaker manufacturers. The benefits are vast and clearly audible.”

Albornoz believes that the quality of PMC products gives them significant appeal, especially among high end users and those who are interested in new immersive audio formats such as Dolby Atmos for Music.

“This is a market where we obviously want to succeed,” he says. “We have had multi-channel cinema sound for decades but now, with Atmos, MPEG-H and other formats, the, video-on-demand platforms, broadcast and music markets are also moving towards a multichannel world. These are where big opportunities lie for PMC in the studio sector.”

To highlight the range and quality of PMC products, SoundWare Media aims to establish permanent demo facilities at some selected Spanish studios. This will ensure that PMC’s monitors are demonstrated in acoustically accurate environments, Albornoz says. In addition, SoundWare Media plans to promote PMC products through events held with pro audio resellers and private producer-owned studios.

“The home musician and smaller music producer market may present a slower growth curve for top brands, but we believe that with the right marketing and some education it is possible to raise the consciousness of these users and make them realise that investing in premium monitoring will benefit their output in terms of both quality and speed,” he says.

6th April 2022

Backup joins forces with Big Drop

Backup joins forces with Big Drop

UK – Backup, the Technical Entertainment Charity and Big Drop, award winning brewers of alcohol-free beer, are joining forces to generate wider awareness and increased funding for the live events and entertainment technical supply chain.

“We’re all painfully aware of the devastation that the pandemic caused to our industry around the globe,” says John Simpson, Backup chairman. “The generous response to Backup’s fund-raising efforts over the past two years has been phenomenal, and we’ve been able to offer help to our colleagues in the UK who were and still are in desperate need, both financially and for the impact the situation has had on their mental health.”

As theatres open, and concerts and festivals start to re-emerge, the pandemic is viewed as being over. But it has left serious scars. Help is still needed, as it was pre-pandemic, but now even more so, to allow Backup to continue to address mental health, addiction, poverty, loan repayments, loneliness and food-bank reliance.

So far, the funds to provide assistance have come primarily from within the industry itself. Whilst Backup is incredibly grateful for their support and belief in the work the charity does, it also recognises there is now a need to reach a wider audience. Big Drop provides an ideal avenue to do just that.

Plans include using the Backup logo on its packaging to help build awareness, running a competition to find the best ‘Big Drop Pour’ in the most extreme or picturesque locations and supporting Backup’s range of mental health initiatives.

Big Drop was conceived by friends, bandmates and brewers Rob Fink and James Kindred in response to their own lifestyle changes and the frustration of there being no decent tasting alcohol-free craft beer on the market. With the help of renowned experimental brewer, Johnny Clayton, they’ve perfected their recipe and now their truly tasty beers are enjoyed by performers, creatives, adventurers and nine-to-fivers in the UK, Australia, the US, Canada, across Europe and as far afield as South Korea.

“Rob and I have seen how much support Backup can give when they helped our oldest friend and bandmate when he was battling terminal cancer,” says Kindred. “Backup were there to support Mark and his family through an incredibly tough time. Supporting Backup is important to us and everyone at Big Drop, we can’t wait to start working with them on some great awareness projects.”

“We’re hoping that by joining forces with Big Drop, a brand whose values so perfectly align with our own, and who understand exactly why we do what we do,” adds Simpson. “This new alliance means that we can make many more people aware of the suffering that continues in the entertainment industry, and allow them to help the people that bring them so much enjoyment.”

As well as its ongoing addiction awareness and recovery, and mental health and addiction first aider courses, Backup already has a schedule of events planned for 2022, which kicks off with the ever-popular Kartfest on 7th July at Dayton at Esher’s Sandown Park. Big Drop will be there, providing refreshments so the drivers can enjoy a well-deserved alcohol free beer between races and still get back in their cars for the next round. Halloween creativity will be unleashed for the Pumpkin Challenge at the end of October, and Lightpower will soon be sponsoring a photo competition about our industry.

For information about Backup and how you can be part of its courses and events, please visit  

5th April 2022

JBL Professional by Harman announces Extended Seven-Year Warranty for select Portable PA systems

JBL Professional by Harman announces Extended Seven-Year Warranty for select Portable PA systems

Harman Professional Solutions has announced that select JBL Professional Portable PA systems are now backed by an extended seven-year warranty, effective from the original purchase date, ensuring existing and future purchases receive unmatched protection. Applicable products include EON ONE Compact, EON ONE MK2, EON700 Series and PRX ONE portable PA systems.

This industry-leading warranty is a product of JBL’s continuous dedication to quality components and testing that includes a standard 100-hour acoustic stress test, battery ageing and drop tests and a wide range of stringent, global electronic testing and certification procedures.

Under the new warranty programme, starting April 1, 2022, JBL Professional will repair or replace products meeting warranty coverage for seven years from the original purchase date. The extended warranty program applies to all product components, except batteries, which continue to include a robust, three-year warranty.

“With more than 75 years of JBL Professional loudspeaker innovation and exhaustive equipment manufacturing, testing and optimisation; we are thrilled to extend this new warranty to our global portable PA customer base,” says Craig Lambrecht, JBL Professional director of portable PA products. “Extending our warranty reinforces JBL’s unrivalled commitment to world-class customer service and second-to-none satisfaction.”

Full terms and conditions are outlined on warranty cards provided with each applicable JBL Professional Portable PA product.



5th April 2022